I have two sweet nieces that I adore, and now they adore me even more because I refreshed the bathroom that they share to make it pretty, fun and functional with the new Beauti-Tone colour of the year for 2017. That’s right; I’m not above bribing and spoiling them for their love.  

fun girls' bathroom refresh in Beauti-Tone colour of 2017 - You Look Mauve-lous

The girls liked the name of the paint: You Look Mauve-lous; I really liked the shade and how it totally transformed the room.

Beauti-Tone Colour of the Year 2017 in Girls Bathroom

As you can see from the before and after below, the walls went from a peachy-beige to a beautiful light mauve (almost lilac) colour, and the trim work and door went from beige to un-tinted white. The paint alone created a very pretty and elegant space, but since the girls are 9 and 10 years old, I had them join me in the refresh to add some fun touches that made the room meaningful and personal to them. You Look Mauve-lous works as a playful backdrop for now, but it’s also elegant enough to stand the test of time as they get older and want a more mature teen space.

before and after fun and pretty girls bathroom

We found a purple striped shower curtain a simple white roller blind for the window, which we painted with colourful polka dots and circles. We used paint markers for this, and then took the circle theme to the wall above the vanity as well.

budget roller blind painted with polka dots for girls roompurple girls bathroom with stripes and polka dots

For functionality and to keep bathroom battles to a minimum, each girl picked a side on the vanity and built-in shelving to keep their own towels and products. We hung a small hook for each of them on each side of the sink for a hand towel or hair brush or whatever they want to hang. They painted their initial above each hook.

We also added a small stand and stump stool to act as a hair/makeup station for them. This way one can be getting ready at the sink and one at the station, which has a second mirror. They keep all of their hair products, play makeup and fun things corralled in a basket and in jars so that they stay in one place and are less likely to get lost.

makeup and hair vanity station in girls room

We framed some cute artwork created by the girls themselves, and found some flowers and plants to add a touch of nature.

mauve bathroom using Beauti-Tone colour of 2017

The room functions well to help keep them organized and able to get out the door to school faster in the morning. So maybe I’ll be gain points with my sister-in-law too and she’ll bake me more of her vegan goodies. As I said…not above bribery.

mauve-lous fun and pretty young girls bathroom

Thank you so very much to Home Hardware for supplying the Beauti-Tone You Look Mauve-lous  (SC169-0) paint for this room plus un-tinted semi-gloss for the trim work. I used their Natura line as it is no-VOC and therefore a healthier option for the kids’ space. It’s a wonderful paint, and I’ve reconfirmed what a big fan I am of Beauti-Tone and Home Hardware.

I hope this inspires you to try it out!

*This post was sponsored by Home Hardware and I highly recommend their Beauti-Tone Natura paint. 

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