A kitchen is meant mainly to be functional so the aesthetic part of the interior design sometimes gets overlooked. That, however, is not ideal. Keep in mind that every activity is more enjoyable when you’re doing it in a pleasant environment and the decor of the space is very important in this sense. For some reason, it’s more difficult to come up with wall decor ideas for the kitchen than it is for other spaces. That’s why we thought we should help. Here are some DIY project ideas that you might like to try.

One of the easiest things to craft if you want something to decorate your walls with is a hanging sign or a cute banner. You can customize it with some alphabet stencils and you can display a nice message that matches the space’s intended function. For the kitchen, we suggest this “Eat, drink and be merry” sign.

Surely all the space in a kitchen is precious storage-wise but surely you can find room for wall decor as well. For example, the space just above the window is most-likely free a=which means it would be the perfect place for a sign. Our suggestion would be a metal kitchen sign with an obvious industrial appearance. Obviously, you could also use wooden letters if you prefer a different look, a bit more rustic perhaps. Find out more on Lizmarieblog.

Some wall-mounted accessories can serve a double purpose. They can look good and they can also be practical. An idea based on that would be to make a coffee bar out of a repurposed window or a large picture frame. Add a few hooks and use some wire mesh or cork to fill the frame. You can display pictures and other small things on the board and you can hang coffee mugs on the hooks. This ingenious idea comes from Rightwhereweare.

Three wooden letters can totally change the decor of your kitchen. We’re talking oversized letters just like the ones features on Sweetpickinsfurniture. You need an E, an A and a T so you can spell out “eat” on one of your kitchen walls or on the door. Be creative with the placement of the letters. You can hang them vertically, at an angle or in any other way you want.

When it comes to wall-mouted signs, you can explore a wide variety of design possibilities and possible texts. For instance, you can hang a “grocery” sign somewhere in your kitchen, maybe above the pantry door for example. Regardless of the message, most signs can be made out of a piece of plywood or wood which is sanded down, painted and then hanged on the wall. {found on thewoodgraincottage}.

Here’s another cool idea for some cool and simple kitchen wall decor: giant utensil wall art. The project starts with a sheet of plywood. Draw the shapes of the utensils on it and then use a jigsaw to cut them all out. It doesn’t have to come out perfect. Once you sand down the edges it will all look pretty neat anyway. Paint the board any color you want. Check out Acraftedpassion for a few more details.

Don’t think a beautiful piece of kitchen wall decor has to be expensive to make or to buy. Some of the most charming projects are also some of the cheapest. Did you know you can make something lovely out of a simple plastic plate? You can decorate the plate with paper flowers and letters and you can customize them to match the rest of the kitchen decor. {found on Ourpeacefulplanet}

Decorate your kitchen walls with a sign that represents you, that showcases your style and that’s linked to the things you love most…like baking for example. It’s not all about the message. The materials you use, the finishes and the colors are just as important for the big picture. This vertical “bakery” sign which we found on Iheartnaptime is just one of the many other possibilities.

When it comes to kitchen wall decor, a cool idea can also be to repurpose some of the old utensils and accessories which you no longer use. For example, you can turn an old cutting board into a decoration. To give it a fresh look, just paint something on it using a stencil. You can mix and match several cutting boards as exemplified on Andersonandgrant or you can use different accessories.

Another fun idea is to print out some food-related images and to attach them to wooden clipboards and to display them together on one of the kitchen walls. The clips let you remove the images with ease whenever you want to replace them with new ones or to switch their order or position. This funky idea comes from lovegrowswild.

Sure, there are lots of ways in which you can decorate your kitchen walls but what about the windows? Some original window treatment would have a similar effect on the decor of the space and we happen to have a really cool idea for your to try: coffee bean sack shades. It’s exactly how it sounds – burlap coffee bean sacks are transformed into window shades. It’s easy and very cheap. Find out all about this project on funkyjunkinteriors.

If you’re the type that likes to write down recipes or to take notes and write down reminders, maybe you’d like to add paper roll wall features to your kitchen. The idea comes from georgeandwilly. The paper roller can be installed at any height and not necessarily on a bare wall. You could also mount it on the kitchen door, on the backsplash or on the side of a cabinet.

You don’t have a pick a single type of kitchen wall decor when there are actually several that you like. A nice idea could be to create a gallery wall in your kitchen where you can display wooden signs, letters, decorative utensils, framed pictures and a bunch of other things. Pick a few ideas that you like and put them together. Find your inspiration on lillianhopedesigns.

The framed fake fruits are my favorites. I love how clean and simple this project is and also how beautiful these boxes look on a kitchen’s walls. They add color to the space and they also bring a fresh vibe into the room. You can use oranges, apples, lemons and other types of fruits and you can mix and match them or display them in groups, as suggested on DIYs.

I also really like the idea of customizing one of the kitchen walls using chalkboard paint. You could create a chalkboard menu by painting a section of the wall and then framing it with wood boards. If you’d rather not paint directly onto the wall, use a piece of plywood. This way you can relocate the blackboard if you want to. Find out more details about this project on Zestitup.

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