Each measuring up at just under 60 square metres, this collection of apartment designs offer inspiration for three quite different interior aesthetics. Our first tour takes place in a simple and airy home, where furniture is kept minimal and an open connection is established via a glass wall bedroom off the tasteful living space. Our second residential property is a comfy, cosily sophisticated studio apartment with a focus on textural layers and homey warmth. Our final visit takes us to a super suave home, which features a stunning custom wood slat statement wall with LED light feature. Floor plans are included at the end of each tour for your inspiration.

Visualizer: INT2 Architecture  

Our first home tour brings us to a reconstructed tenement building in the center of Saint Petersburg, Russia, near New Holland Island. Horizontal color blocking holds together an airy 58 square metre minimalist interior with a sparing collection of mid century modern furniture. A small rug hugs close to the tufted sofa, leaving the majority of concrete floor space laid bare.

The rental apartment is divided into three functional areas, including an open plan kitchen living room dining room combo, the bedroom, and a hallway that doubles as a dressing room.

Rather than a TV stand, a mid century modern cabinet peacefully displays art in front of the sofa, lit by a small table lamp.

A rounded painted frame makes a grander spectacle of the front door. Wall hooks keep the entryway tidy and organised.

A glass dining room pendant light is elegantly strewn to the correct position over a round pedestal dining table. See more dining room pendant lights.

The mix and match dining set sits well within the mid-century meets industrial and classical interior aesthetics.

A black, wood and grey kitchen arrangement adds further depth to the long room. See more inspiration for grey kitchens here.

In the dressing area, large closets make use of the vertical plane. Like the economical panel moldings in the living room, the lower walls here have been painted to match the floor, which visually expands the space.

The glass partition isolates the bedroom as a peaceful sanctuary, without cutting off the open space.

Inside the bedroom, a mid century inspired platform bed is layered with neutral grey covers. A woven rug adds a warmer note that complements the wooden bedsides.

Whilst the wall panels present vertical moulding in the living room, in the glass wall bedroom they stretch into a simplified horizontal plane.

A modern desk and matching black chair set up a minimalist home workspace in the corner of the room.

The concrete screed floor, basic molded panel work and imperfect industrial finish is conducive to keeping repair costs low in a rental property.

A black ceiling weighs down clean white bathroom decor, A striped laundry basket brings the black accent to the floor.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: Ilya Ionko  

Our second featured home is a super sophisticated studio design, packed with cosy textural layers and homey warmth.

A deep, tufted sofa makes a cloud of comfort in the centre of the apartment, bedded on a lightly textured rug.

Interestingly, the kitchen wraps around the lounge, with full height cabinets and oven housing unit on one side of the couch and the kitchen island on the opposite. Two kitchen bar stools tag onto the end of the island to make a dining spot with a view of the TV.

Mature indoor plants layer in a fresh atmosphere, and provide a little screening for the bedroom area.

Studio floor plan.

Visualizer: Alfgram Koie  

Our last interior design is a modern apartment located in Russia. A boxy sofa and nesting coffee tables put down a linear look in the lounge.

Moody blue and grey elements meet warm moments of wood tone.

An impressive dining chandelier competes with a stunning custom feature wall design, where wood slatted panels are cut through with an LED light feature and a river of mirror.

The kitchen is a delicious balance of soft oak and flat smoky grey. Wall cabinets are double banked up to the ceiling line to produce a made-to-measure aesthetic.

Oak flooring counterbalances cool grey walls and doors.

An American style fridge freezer stands out from the sleek grey and wood kitchen in basic black. See more ideas for grey kitchens.

A small pouf and a piece of wall art add notes of moody blue to black and grey home entryway decor. Black marble tiles dramatically define the threshold from the hallway.

A slender black pendant light illuminates a floating entryway shelf, whilst a modern wall sconce lights up the way into the living room.

Behind the entryway shelf, a full length mirror faces toward the front door for swift appearance checks on the fly.

In the grey bedroom, the rings of a modern chandelier create soft light over a winged bedstead. Sleek bedroom pendant lights illuminate the bedside cabinets.

A unique geometric statement wall rises behind the tufted headboard.

The cube bedside tables perfectly fit the space, keeping the look cosy and compact.

At the foot of the grey bed, a matching grey vanity stool is paired with a floating dressing table.

A slatted panel adds interest to the bedroom TV wall.

Even the walk-in wardrobe gets an atmospheric grey and black interior.

In the bathroom, white marble tiles create a light, luxe aesthetic. A black framed racetrack vanity mirror contrasts with the tile, and complements the shape of an elegant bathroom sink.

Wooden cabinets warm the clean white decor.

The bathtub stands out in a moment of smooth grey marble.

A smaller powder room, on the other side of the entryway, doubles as a laundry room.

Floor plan.

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