The dress codes for attending the races in England consist of many rules and regulations. And while that can feel a bit old-fashioned, there’s something quite inspiring about colouring inside the lines, so to speak—and having fun with it. And that’s what strikes me about the best-dressed women at Ascot every year: For all the limitations, they still manage to pull out some of the most exciting outfits you’ll see all year, some of which provide solid inspiration for weddings.

Such was the case at the first day of Ascot yesterday, with Kate Middleton leading the royal crew in a pretty shade of cornflower blue (even The Queen opted for this hue for the opening day). Lady Kitty Spencer opted for something altogether more bridal with a white lace shift, while fashion girls in attendance opted for brighter colours overall, flourishing many a look with feathers, feathers and some more feathers. Keep scrolling to see our favourite Ascot outfits of 2019 thus far.

WHO: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. WEAR: Elie Saab

WEAR: Mulberry suit; Dior bag

WHO: Flora Johnson. WEAR: Manu Atelier bag

WHO: Rosie Tapner. WEAR: Suzannah dress

WHO: Virginia Chadwyck-Healey

WEAR: Ghost dress

WHO: Lady Kitty Spencer. WEAR: Dolce & Gabanna

WEAR: Gabriella Hearst bag

WEAR: Gucci bag

WHO: Emma Weymouth

WHO: Gayle Rinkoff 

WHO: Camilla Ridley-Day

WHO: Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs

WHO: Queen Maxima of The Netherlands

WHO: Sophie, Countess of Wessex. WEAR: Emilia Wickstead

WHO: Lavinia Brennan. Next up, the definitive guide to Princess Diana’s style.