Hello friends, and welcome to another Friday.  It seems like we were just here, no? Well, let me first begin by saying that this weekend is our Thanksgiving (we Canucks do it early, eh).  This year, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.  Earlier in the week, my dad went into St. Michael’s in Toronto for an open heart surgery.  An operation like that just boggles the mind.  Even though it’s been done thousands of times to people of different ages and medical histories before, we prepared ourselves for anything – good or bad.  And he came out a survivor, and we are truly thankful to our God, for our healthcare system, and to all the amazing doctors and nurses this country has to offer, especially those at St. Michael’s who were performing on him that day.  He is still there, but he’s a strong man recovering one day at a time.
My “GIVE THANKS” garland tutorial is featured in this week’s FF, as well my as printable cat print – because it’s black and kooky and Halloween is just around the corner.  I hope you enjoy all the links this week, whatever crafting you get up to.
Have a lovely weekend, and happy Thanksgiving Canada! 

From top left:
DIY Modern Fall Wreath via Homey Oh My