Friday Love 5, Delineate Your Dwelling

Happy end of the week!  Anyone else feeling like, “Fri-yay, I love you.”  I am preeeeetty excited because Friday this week means we are heading out of town for a little family weekend getaway because someone might be having a birthday soon.  (me)  You can follow along on the Snaps – delineateyrdwell .

Friday Love 5, Delineate Your Dwelling


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If you are interested in enjoying the most lovely margarita you have EVER seen and love yourself some lavender, then you will have to check this out.  Amazing.

The perfect Glassware if you ask me!  And she even has Stemless Wine Glasses, too!

I’m not sure plants get much better than this, simple elegant and green.  All the heart eyes for this one.

Strawberries and raspberries in a delicious tart, screams summer to me!  Now I’m just trying to decide when to make it myself.

I have been waiting over a year for this book to come out and it’s available August 9th!!  Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist – this is a book for how to live a rich, engaged, and loving life in the midst of what often feels terribly messy and imperfect.  Sign me up for that!!

Now this is my kind of Summer party and then it’s only a 30 minute prep — what!  Peach, coral, pink, cream, orange, yellow… dreamy colors.

I love a good tote project and this one is so full of cheer and Summer, I can hardly take it!

Grow up, #Buds, Petals, etc… oh my this is one is so good and it’s another plant related post.

And I have to end with another party, this time a Waffle Party.  She always knows the perfect amount of simple and color.  Plus, waffles!

Delineate Your Dwelling this week: DIY Back to School Soap + Lounge Tassel Pillow

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