Fresh greens all year round: a simple and healthy idea to save your budget

Often on the market they sell us a bunch of cilantro or parsley and carrots with the remnants of the roots. When preparing greens for eating, we, as a rule, simply cut off these roots and throw them away. But in vain. In order to always have fresh, vitamin-rich greens at hand, you only need empty plastic bottles and those very roots.

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Take an empty 1.5-2 liter plastic bottle and cut off the neck (about 1/3 of the height). Make a slit in the lid with a knife.

Fold a piece of paper towel with an accordion and, for convenience, cutting off the corners, pull it through the hole in the lid.

Screw the cap on the neck and insert this part with the paper “wick” down into the longer part of the bottle. The pot is ready.

To plant greens, fill the top with soil. Now stick onions, garlic or spicy roots into it. (It is advisable to keep the pre-planting material in a glass of water until new roots appear).

Pour water into the high part, insert the part with the “wick” and place it on the windowsill. Within a few days you will see the first greens. Remember to top up water from time to time.

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Details of the process of making pots for greenery, as well as the idea of ​​a simple fertilization from food waste, are in the video below.

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