Because we often look for inspiration  and we also love going to French style bistros and coffee shops, this year  kitchens started to get a French bistro look. And we definitely love it! Imagine sitting at home and pretending you’re in a fancy coffee place in Paris and you get to decorate it exactly as you wish. Sounds great right? Well, here are seven tricks for you in creating the perfect French bistro lookalike kitchen:

1. Add French bistro chairs of barstools

Made from rattan and in two dreamy colors, French bistro chairs are easy to be recognised and they make most of that bistro charm you love. So, add French barstools if you have a kitchen counter or add two chairs and a round table in a small kitchen, so chic!

2. Display your kitchen utensils

As you see in French bars or coffee places, the glasses, the cookware and every kitchen item is stored on the front. So make a beautiful display out of your favorite kitchen utensils and make your kitchen dreamy with that French bistro vibe.

3. Make a chic booth

If you have enough room in your kitchen, create a stylish booth and add some bistro chairs around it. Pick a striped sofa and a round table in the classy white or add a marble tabletop. Decorate the whole setup with dreamy roses, peonies or daisies and you will get that French chic feeling in your place.

4. Use open shelves

Because every kind of food or coffee that’s prepared in a French bistro has to be quick, open shelving is a great, yet beautiful, solution for this need. So, use it also in your kitchen if you love to cook a lot and also arrange every kitchen products in a lovely and French way.

5. Choose pendant lightning

The pendant lightening in an industrial style  is more romantic and gives you that intimate bistro feeling. Is great for a couple’s kitchen where you can try out new recipes and surprise one and other with home cooked meals. Match it with bistro or industrial chairs, a small table and a vase with fresh flowers.

6. Pick black and white tiles

Whether you add big black and white tiles in a chess shape or small ones in a mosaic form, these types of colors are perfect for a French bistro kitchen. They make any space classy and fancy and they can easily math anything from an elegant style or an industrial one, to wooden furniture or a minimal design.

7. Add a chalkboard wall

This cute and practical wall where you can write all your ideas and plans will give your kitchen a French chic vibe. Mix it with neutral furniture and colorful flowers and give a mysterious vibe to the whole space.

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