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Writing will never be the same again once you’ve made a set of these Unicorn head and butt pencil toppers. It is now taking me about three times as long to write anything as I am constantly making my pencil prance and mane toss across the page!

You will need:

  • White felt
  • A small piece of coloured felt for the inner ears
  • Gold glitter felt (or yellow felt and gold glitter sprinkles)
  • Rainbow and gold yarn
  • White, black and green embroidery thread
  • A small bit of toy stuffing
  • Pink blusher
  • A needle, scissors and templates.

1. Begin by making the mane: Take the rainbow yarn and the gold yarn and create a skein about 30cm long and xx rounds. Take several short pieces of embroidery thread and tie them at 10cm intervals along the skein. Cut the yarn between the thread tie to create four or five small bundles. Fold each bundle in half at the thread to make a bulkier bundle.


crochet mane unicorn

2. Take the template and cut two Unicorn heads from the white felt.

3. Place the two heads together and using a running stitch begin sewing up the neck of the unicorn from point A (but just a couple of stitches).

4. Separate the two heads and insert the first bundle of mane between the two layers, put the heads together again and sew the bundle in place.

5. Repeat with the other bundles till you have filled the whole neck up to the top of the head. Place the final bundle so half is on the neck and the other half goes over the top of the head (between where the ears will go) to create a fore lock.

crochet unicorn


6. Using the templates cut two ear and two inner ear pieces. Use a little bit of fabric glue to stick the inner and outer ear pieces together.

7. Take one ear, pinch in half at the base of the ear and sew in place on one side of the Unicorn’s head. Repeat with the other ear. Make sure the forelock is still poking out between the ears.

8. Use the template to cut the Unicorn’s horn from the glitter felt. Fold in half and stitch together. Cut the earbud down to the length of the horn and insert into the felt. (If you do not have glitter felt then make the horn from yellow felt instead and then decorate with glitter at the end.)

9. Place the horn between the two head pieces, close to the ears, and sew in place.

10. Continue sewing around the head until you come to point B.

11. Insert the toy stuffing into the head. Don’t fill too much but just enough to give it some shape.

12. Insert a pencil into the Unicorns head, wiggle it around a bit till you make a channel in the stuffing so the pencil sits comfortably and the head stays on. Make it extra secure by sewing a running stitch through the head following the shape of the pencil.

13. To finish, sew an eye and some eyelashes on each side of the Unicorns head. You can also add a little rosy cheek using the tip of the cotton bud dipped in a little blusher and rubbed onto the felt.

To make the Unicorn butt:

1. Make a tail by winding the rainbow yarn and the gold yarn together around the palm of your hand about 20 times to create a mini skein.

2. Remove from your hand and tie a short piece of embroidery thread about 1cm down from one end of the skein. Snip through the other end.

3. Use the template to cut two heart shaped butt pieces.

unicorn butt crochet


4. Begin sewing the two pieces of butt together starting at point A. When you reach the peak of the heart shape open the two pieces and insert the tied end of the tail.

5. Close the butt and sew through the tail a couple of times to secure the tail in place.

6. Continue sewing together till you reach point B.

7. Repeat steps 11 and 12 from the Unicorn head instructions to stuff and secure the butt onto your pencil.

8. Decorate with some sequins or small beads.

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