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*not that spooky! You probably won’t scare any trick-or-treaters with this Halloween sweatshirt, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different this pom pom spider sweatshirt might be just the thing. Also, as the poms are sewn on you could use one of your existing jumpers and then take it all apart when Halloween is over – if you don’t get too attached to the little guys that is!


pom pom halloween sweatshirt

You will need:

Paintbox Yarn Simply DK in Pure Black, Pure White, Rich Mauve, Neon Orange and Bubblegum Pink, I’ve also used Classic Elite Yarns Ava – Colour Blush (6819)

Googly eyes 2 per spider

Small pom pom maker

Large embroidery needle

Embroidery hoop (optional)


Air-erasable pen

Glue gun or fabric glue

Let’s get started!

1. Make a variety of small pom poms in a mix of colours. If you need instructions on how to make pom poms see my post here. Use a strand of yarn about 40cm long.When tying the wool around the middle of the pom to secure, use a strand of wool about 40cm/16″ long.

2. Arrange the pom poms on the front of your sweatshirt or jumper. Mark an X with the pen where each pom is.

pom pom halloween sweater

3. Take the embroidery hoop and secure the sweatshirt inside so that one of the X’s is in the centre of the hoop. Thread one end of the pom pom yarn onto the needle and sew the pom pom onto the sweatshirt.

4. To secure the pom to the top, sew each piece of yarn through the sweatshirt and then tie a double knot on the underside. Then sew the yarn back through to the front of the sweatshirt.

5. With the air-erasable pen draw eight legs around the pom pom.


6. Use the remaining yarn to stitch the legs.

7. Finally use the glue gun to add two goggly eyes to the pom pom.

8. Repeat with each pom pom.


9. Wear with pride!


If you make a spooky sweatshirt we’d love to see your uploaded to the Community!


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