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Emma Freidlander-Collins takes some spring colour inspiration from an unlikely place, and makes some lovely hexies that she turns into fantastic geometric cushion covers.

spring crochet colors

We’re hurtling into May already and I can’t quite believe it!

The blanket scarf hasn’t quite gone away yet, but the lighter jackets are out, the winter boots are away, and the long evenings are definitely upon us.

As much as I wish time would just slow down for a cotton picking minute and let us all get our bearings, there is something that I look forward to at this time every year. It’s not the bluebells (although I love them with all my heart), it’s not being able to sit outside in the evening with a blanket and a glass of wine (which is also most excellent) and it’s not that I get to wear my hand-embroidered biker cardi instead of my parka coat. It’s one, small collection of bushes, on the edge of a building site in the depths of the Sussex countryside!

spring crochet colors

Every year around this time there’s a collection of azalea bushes in the grounds of a dilapidated lunatic asylum (true story, creepy no?). They bring me more joy than any natural wonder could ever inspire.

One is hot pink, one is fire engine red and one is a borderline aggressive fuchsia. This violently clashing combination of colours is more wondrous to me than anything else I could imagine, and is truly my happy place.

Every time we go past it I squeal at the children to gaze upon its beauty. They are literally so bored of it that I think they might start crying next time. So I did something that I probably shouldn’t have, and I clambered up to the creepy old gate, made a grab for a handful of each, and ran like hell, all the way home!

spring crochet colors
These pinks have been glowing at me from atop a cabinet, and I couldn’t help digging out some suitably late spring colours, and working them into some new Modern Granny designs.

Some of you will know that I’m on a year-long adventure to fall in love with traditional crochet motifs, and this month I’m still on the good old hexie. It’s become like isometric graph paper to my eyes now, and I’ve started to see the potential of more intricate 3D shapes within those six sided boxes. With a simple colour change, you can make almost anything.

Here’s how to change colour in a hexie:

1. Work a 2 chain in colour A

spring crochet colors
2. Yarn over with colour B

spring crochet colors
3. Work next stitch in colour B.

spring crochet colors

spring crochet colors

It’s SO simple. Any beginner could crack it in a second.

Now I’m not saying that there aren’t some ends to be dealing with, but if you’re lazy like, me, you can either work over the top of them, or you can tie them in a reef knot. Give them a try and leave them behind your work.

The possibilities seem endless at the moment. At the rate that the summer is likely to be upon us, I can see some hot, and heavy Moroccan-inspired designs waiting to pop out. That’s if I can find the time!

spring crochet colors


If you have any favourite springtime patterns we’d love to see them uploaded in the Community!


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