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I was happily packing for my upcoming weekend in Portugal when I realized I’ve increased the number of beauty products I use on a daily basis a lot. I have a whole bunch of skincare products, plus the regular hair and body stuff, and that does not pair well with packing a carry-on. So I did what anyone would do and bought a few of those cute travel bottles (all under 100ml, doh!). Can you already guess the issue that came up next? Distinguishing between products, of course. I’m pretty good at telling apart shampoo and body wash, unlike my husband, but between all the lotions and potions I thought I’d better play it safe. It’s supposed to be a vacation after all! Queue these cosmetics labels, which I made and printed for myself and decided to share with you. I just love this tropical look lately! The file includes two of each label, and I hope you’ll enjoy sticking them to your plane-ready bottles.

Free printable cosmetics labels - Kittenhood

Free printable cosmetics labels

Print on A4 paper in color, cut and glue to your travel bottles. Alternatively, you can print directly on adhesive paper to get stickers.

Download labels here

Free printable cosmetics labels - Kittenhood

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