It’s almost my birthday month, so it’s time to share a birthday freebie! I love celebrating birthdays and I love celebrating with people, so since I can’t invite all of you to my house(s) (because remember how I have two houses now? we took you on a tour of one last week!)… we’ll celebrate by sharing something new: a custom fillable printable infographic-style birthday poster for kids and adults alike… and did I mention that it’s 100% gratis (that means free) thanks to our partners at Canon! Happy birthday to ME!

Create photo memories with this free printable birthday poster infographic. Fill in the stats about the birthday boy or girl, then print and photograph. Perfect for monthly baby photos as well as annual birthday photos for children, teens, and adults. | Fillable Infographic Printable Birthday Poster For Babies, Kids, Teens, And Adults #remodelaholic

We printed ours on our favorite go-to printing material, matte photo paper, in the extra large format 13×19 print of our beloved Canon iP8720. Having the ability to print large sizes at home is SO amazing and convenient, and the color is so crisp and beautiful for everything from printables like this (and our favorite holiday watercolor set) to printing our family photos.

Print Fillable Birthday Poster Infographic @Remodelaholic

To fill in the details for your special birthday king or queen, download the free printable birthday poster set here.

We’ve included three options: one for babies and toddlers, for monthly photo mementos — because it shouldn’t be so hard to take one cute photo every month, but we know that it is not easy to do anything regularly with a baby in the house! So this printable monthly milestone poster can make those monthly photos a little bit easier, even on very little sleep.

Custom Printable Monthly Baby Milestone Infographic Poster For Birthdays #remodelaholic

The printable birthday poster set also includes two options for bigger kids and adults, one that includes height and weight in addition to age, favorites, and milestones, and one that includes height only, since it’s not quite as much of an important milestone statistic to know what you weigh at 18 or 35 as it was at age 2 (but maybe that’s just me 😉 .

Fillable Infographic Printable Birthday Poster Milestone Photo Op For Children And Adults #remodelaholic

After you’ve received the file by email, open the file in Adobe Reader, and click on each of the fields to type in the infographic text. If the font isn’t showing up correctly or the fields don’t show up when you open the file, double check that the file is opened in Adobe Reader (not your web browser or another PDF program). If it’s still not working properly, drop us a line at

Custom Printable Infographic Birthday Poster For Kids Photo Milestones #remodelaholic

Once you’ve filled in the birthday poster fields, print out the poster and get your camera ready! We’ve also left two spots open to add photos, if you’d like — we printed ours as 2.5 inch squares and attached them to the poster.

Custom Fillable Printable Birthday Poster Infographic For Teens #remodelaholic

The birthday milestone poster is designed to print as large as 13×19 size, but it will also scale down to a standard letter-sized 8.5×11 if you prefer that size. Pop the poster in a frame for a party table, or have your child hold it or lie next to it, or tape it on the wall with some colorful washi tape for an easy photo memory.

Custom Printable Monthly Baby Milestone Infographic Poster For Birthdays #remodelaholic

Pair this birthday poster with our holiday countdown board to help get excited about the big birthday, too! Anticipation is half the fun!

Holiday Countdown Board 05 Birthday

And these printable birthday gift tags will make any gift a little more special.

Do you have birthday traditions? I’d love to hear how you celebrate special days with your friends and family!

Click here to get this milestone and birthday poster set

We love having the opportunity to partner with Canon each month to show you fun and easy print-at-home projects for holidays and every day, from celebrating to decorating to organizing. 
Canon See Impossible Marketing Campaign 600x284Please check out our full  FREE printable library and pin and share your favorites for year-round easy decorating and crafting!

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