Last week I received news in my inbox of the new Fredericia showroom in Copenhagen. Oh how I would love to visit! Located at the top of the historic former Royal Mail House in the heart of Copenhagen, the expansive showroom is spread out over two floors and features a beautiful mix of materials and high ceilings complete with stunning rooftop views. Presenting the brand in its entirety for the first time, the spaces showcase stories from its founding in 1911 until the present day. Visitors can experience everything from classic design icons to creative product news and an inspiring gallery with special highlights, such as Børge Mogensen’s original 2213 sofa, which for many years stood in the designer’s own home.

In addition to providing visitors with a unique opportunity to experience the entire collection, Fredericia CEO Kaja Møller says the new showroom will act as a creative workspace and a gallery with changing exhibitions. “It will be a living showroom, and we look forward to welcoming architects, customers and other visitors from all over the world to experience our brand in this unique environment.”

Images courtesy of Fredericia