Framed art is the way to go when you want to decorate an empty wall or to add some color and texture to a room. But while saying you’ll add some framed wall art to your home is definitely easy, doing so is a different story because there are many variables and details to take into consideration. For starters, what will you be displaying on your walls? The possibilities are endless and picture frames are definitely an option. However, there are plenty of other ideas to consider as well.

You can still put up images of your loved ones on your walls without actually using photos of them. If you want a wall art decor that’s a bit more abstract, try creating silhouettes of each member of your family to create a family tree. Actually, silhouettes are a great idea for a lot of other situations as well. For example, you can adapt the idea when decorating your kitchen and you can have silhouettes of kitchen utensils framed and displayed on the walls. You could actually do this for every room of the house. Just use your imagination.

There’s no rule against displaying the same image more than once. In fact, it’s an interesting idea
A large framed piece of art can sit on a piece ef furniture, resting against the wall
Take into consideration the total width of the framed pieces you want to display above a furniture piece
Match the art frames to the wall behind them to create an interesting visual effect
Instead of mounting your framed art on walls you can casually display it on shelves
Frame a beautiful image and put it in front of your desk so you can have something nice to look at while working
Opt for black and white images and choose a different color or an interesting finish for the frames that hold them

There are plenty of things that you can frame besides photos. For example, you could frame some pieces of fabric that you like, a piece of wallpaper or you can frame a poster or an interesting print. Another idea can be to frame some pages from one of your favorite books or some old pieces of jewelry that you care about. If you want to display something larger such as a branch from a tree, you can use shadow boxes instead of picture frames. Maybe you’d also like to frame some drawings made by the kids or even a beautiful calendar. Anything can be turned into artwork if you like looking at it.

Decorate your walls with pairs of framed art or galleries of images
If you want, you can create your own artwork which you can then frame and put on display
You can have fun mixing and matching different types of framed art or even different types of decorations
Take into consideration everything on the walls, including furniture, shelves or other decorations
An interesting idea is to have a large image cut in several pieces, each framed separately
Draw attention to a particular part of the room with an oversized piece of art
Create a gallery wall and fill it with framed pieces arranged in a grid
In the dining room, hang the framed artwork slightly lower than usual so you can admire it while sitting down

Hanging your modern wall art is a whole different story. As a general rule, you should hang something so that its center point is at eye level. If you’re displaying a grouping of frames, then consider the whole group as a single unit. If you want to display something in the dining room, then hang the pieces slightly below since you’ll be looking at them when you’re seated.

Pick a theme and go with it. For example, you can frame different portraits or images that share something in common
Use smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger pieces for big walls
Match the frames to something else present in the room, such as a piece of furniture or a decoration
Look at the big picture. Take a step back to see if the framed wall art suits the room

Of course, the height isn’t the only thing that matters when displaying photo collage frames or other similar things. The place is important as well. If there’s a fireplace in the room, that serves as a focal point and you can take advantage of that by displaying things on the mantel or above the fireplace. You can also display some artwork above the sofa, the bed or above a console table. Keep in mind, however, that the artwork shouldn’t be wider than the width of the furniture piece. Another cool idea is to create a gallery of framed images above a large window, above a door or above the cabinetry in the kitchen. This way you draw the eye up and you create an interesting focal point.

Maintain the same distance between the frames to create an organized look
Symmetry can help make a space feel more comfortable, familiar and overall pleasant
Don’t forget to look at the proportions when displaying a framed piece of art above a small piece of furniture
Divide and conquer. Three separately framed images can have a bigger visual impact than a single larger one

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