Four Men, Two Cameras, One Car: Making TV in Sicily

Every spring and summer, I spend 100 packed days in Europe — updating my guidebooks, filming my TV show, and refining our tour program. This year, I’m kicking things off with an exciting trip through Sicily, where my crew and I are making two new episodes of “Rick Steves’ Europe” in just 12 days.

With such an intensive schedule, I prefer to keep our crew small and agile. Here in Sicily, it’s just me, producer Simon Griffith, cameraman Peter Rummel, and tour guide Alfio Di Mauro — and every inch of our rental car is packed to the max. Take a peek inside the car as we get some of “the glue,” or drive-by shots, that we’ll use to connect scenes from different locations.

Follow along on my blog as I travel through Sicily:

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