Could you cut your wardrobe down to just six pieces? Minimalist line Aday is convinced you can. The brand launched its Multiplicity collection, six simple pieces that make up the easiest wardrobe ever. “We consciously designed classic shapes that could carry us through the seasons and would feel as comfortable on a plane as they would feel at a press conference,” says co-founder Meg He. “Multiplicity is really further delivering on our mission to simplify wardrobes and do more with less.”

Each piece in the collection is intended to be worn any number of ways and is made of the brand’s signature technical silk fabric, which means you can survive a stressful meeting or a power stroll through the city. “Mentally, simplifying your wardrobe to pieces that matter has a very relaxing effect,” notes Nina Faulhaber, the brand’s second co-founder. “A simplified wardrobe is also ultimately a conscious choice. Investing in versatile garments means getting more out of your wardrobe; investing in higher-quality and long-lasting pieces eliminates the need to replace the wardrobe every season.”

The duo admit that cutting things down to six pieces may be too much for some, but they maintain that these pieces still serve as a strong base for a well-groomed wardrobe. Says Faulhaber, “We think of Aday as the uniform and base layer in your wardrobe, those superhero staples you pair with a nice jacket or other layering pieces.”

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