FOREIGNERS Try South Indian THALI for the FIRST TIME 🇮🇳 [Learning How to Eat Thali With Hands]

Come join us in Hyderabad, India as we try South Indian Thali for the first time as foreigners while also learning how to properly eat thali with our hands. As our last meal in Hyderabad we wanted to make as memorable as possible so we headed over to posh Taj Mahal restaurant for authentic south Indian Thali. If you’ve never tried Thali before its meaning is ‘plate’ and it is a round platter with a plethora of Indian dishes.

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If you’re wondering what the biggest difference is between North Indian thali vs South Indian thali it has to do the use of bread in the north and more rice in the south. The fascinating thing about having Thali in India is that it totally varies by region. For instance, you can try Rajasthani, Gujarati, Andhra, Bengali and Punjab thali just to name a few aside from South Indian and North Indian style.

The main concept behind the thali is to encompass all 6 different flavours of sweet, spicy, astringent, bitter, salty and sour. You can often choose between vegetarian or non-veg thali; in this case we opted for a vegetarian thali. The individual dishes you see on the thali platter are called katori.

I want to extend a special thanks to Sailesh and Rakesh for being such gracious and generous hosts in Hyderabad. They made our final hours in the city special and their knowledge, especially as it pertains to the thali ingredients and eating procedures, made for great memories.

Have you tried Indian Thali before? What was your experience like?

Come try incredible South Indian Thali at Taj Mahal in Hyderabad, India: (more information)

Taj Mahal Hotel
5-9-502, Gun Foundry Street Number 1, Gun Foundry, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana
500001, India•
+91 40 2475 8250

FOREIGNERS Try South Indian THALI for the FIRST TIME 🇮🇳 [Learning How to Eat Thali With Hands]:

Hey guys, Sam here with another India travel video, this time trying a South Indian Thali for the first time. This was our final meal in Hyderabad before flying onwards to our next destination and what a way to say goodbye!

Once again, we had our two friends Sailesh and Rakesh showing us around, and they were kind enough to teach us how to eat a South Indian Thali the proper way using our hands.

I have to say, it was easier said than done and I’m probably going to need a lot more practice, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the food.

Now let’s go enjoy that thali set!

That’s a wrap from Hyderabad. We hope you enjoyed that delicious South Indian thali set! In the next episode, we’ll be hopping on a plane and travelling onwards to our next destination: Amritsar. So join us for that adventure!

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