FLOS Introduces Overlap, a Modern Cocoon-Style Pendant Lamp

With Overlap, an innovative pendant lamp, designer Michael Anastassiades puts a modern twist on FLOS’ classic cocoon-style wrapping technique. This light is made with two interlocking steel rings, which give the appearance that the rings are trying to push through the cocoon membrane. The lamp maintains a sense of mystery, though, as the full shape of the steel remains hidden in the cloud-like material.

While the cocoon material was originally invented to protect the US Army’s packages, designers Tobia Scarpa and the Castiglioni brothers experimented with it to create several lamps. Their experiments led to FLOS’ founding in 1962 and the company’s iconic lamp designs. Now, Overlap is made from this same decades-tested technique.

Anastassiades’s cocoon creation is made using two layers: the first layer is thicker and the second is thinner. To create this classic look, the steel frames spin on a base as a spray gun applies the silkworm-inspired material. Finally, a layer of transparent paint is added to give the lamp a nice shine that resembles a real cocoon. Thanks to this process, this FLOS contemporary pendant lamp gives off a warm, dispersed light—and it’s dimmable, too! Overlap comes in both a large and small size.

Photo: © Stefania Giorgi

Photo: © Santi Caleca