Floating beds have a lot of visual appeal, there’s no doubt about that. But why is that? We can’t help but be attracted and impressed by this style but we can’t really figure out the exact details that make floating beds look so appealing. The reality is that there’s no single reason why we find them so beautiful or at least interesting. It’s actually a collection of features which together work out great for this style.

The uniqueness comes from the fact that floating beds are minimal but not in a raw and unedited way. They’re definitely sophisticated and refined and they’re usually very appreciated for their sleek and simple lines. They have this fresh and light design, with clean and well-defined lines and this makes them look a little bit futuristic and definitely very modern.

Floating beds are unique and exciting and they come in a variety of forms, sizes, styles and materials
A great thing about floating beds is that they make the rooms look open and airy

The coolest thing about floating beds is obviously the floating part. They look as if they’re levitating with nothing to support them. Obviously that’s just a visual impression although levitation doesn’t really seem that impossible these days, as some projects suggest. Usually the bed has a central support which can only be seen by looking closely under the bed. There’s also the option to have the bed mounted to the wall and the effect would be pretty much the same one.

Although they’re usually associated with a modern style, floating beds can also be associated with other styles
Pair a floating bed with a wall-mounted headboard for a clean and minimalist look
In a way, a floating bed is the more refined version of a hanging bed
Although the looks might be appealing, a floating bed can turn out to be too low

There’s a lot more to consider besides the obvious characteristic of a floating bed. The look is definitely innovative and unconventional and the simplicity of the design usually makes these beds fit nicely in modern and contemporary suites but that doesn’t mean they’re limited to those types of decors. Floating beds and pretty much everything else inspired by them such as floating nightstands for instance can look great in a lot of settings, including traditional or cool bedrooms, thanks to their refined and elegant appearance.

You can pair a floating bed with wall-mounted nightstands for linearity and simplicity
Another detail to consider is the fact that a floating bed might be difficult to move
Floating beds are simple and they can adapt to a variety of styles, settings and decors
Given how clean and simple floating beds are, you can add ornate accent pieces to the room without overdoing it
In addition to looking futuristic and sophisticated, a floating bed also makes cleaning easier
Complement a floating bed with matching nightstands for a cohesive look
Install accent lighting under a floating bed to highlight its design and futuristic charm

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