Flat in Raval is a cozy 50 sqm home located in Barcelona, Spain, designed in 2019 by Cláudia de Sousa – Interior Design.


The clients who are a young couple without children, have asked us to help them with the decoration of their small apartment in the Raval neighborhood so that they could make the most of the space and also so that their apartment would transmit to them what they were looking for so much, a Coquettish refuge that transmits tranquility and harmony in the middle of the bustling neighborhood of El Raval.
For this effect, we look for light tones but with character and we use natural and solid wood that gives warmth and a touch of luxury.
The walls will be left in an off-white color and a textured wallpaper has been placed in the room simulating raffia in brown tones that contrast with dusty pinks, natural wood and white.

As the space was very small, we have designed custom cabinets based on the storage needs of the clients.

To give a touch of glamor, we use brass accessories, such as custom-made cabinet handles, and decorative objects from the Kelly Hoppen studio, London, which provide a lot of elegance and design and carefully selected art.

In relation to the textiles, in this project they were very important for a functional part since we had to make the room completely dark so that the clients could sleep peacefully.

As clients work different hours and it was very important that the room door could be black out, for this purpose we used a dusty pink satin curtain that gives the room an elegant air and at the same time fulfills its function. Apart from the blinds on the exterior black out windows as well. To enrich the design we have mixed textures, such as velvets with natural fibers, such as sisal and cotton.
Lighting has also played a very important role since by placing floor and table lamps with shades of different textures, rattan, cotton and velvet, we were able to play with the light and provide an even more warm and welcoming environment.

The result is a bright floor, with warm light points and harmonious colors that provide freshness and a feeling of well-being.

Photography by INBIANCOPHOTO

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