Flat 1 is an eclectic home designed in 2021 by Unnamed Studio, located in Valencia, Spain.


The project flat|1 is an embodiment of vivid and, at the same time, controversial ideas. The main idea of the interior is to preserve the history of the place and add its own, new history.

During the renovation project, we carefully considered the importance of preserving the original floors, vaulted ceilings, as well as other original details. The shade of the space is calm, with bright dominant accents; the combination of both eclectic interior decorations and modern techniques is another requiring theme of the project. For example, the kitchen was painted into a completely monotone gray, which allowed us to preserve the original brick walls of the building, but there is also a fully LED stretch ceiling above, the use of which brings us back to modern-day technologies.

It was also decided to reinforce the old load-bearing walls with metal beams. They also form the visual “raw” appearance of the room, becoming part of the design.

Photography courtesy of Unnamed Studio

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