It doesn’t feel like spring at our NYC HQ, but we’re still welcoming the season with open arms. So, naturally, that means we’re getting the ball rolling on our spring cleaning.

If you’re not ready for a spring cleaning overhaul (because really, who is?), don’t worry. Take a peek at some of the easy ways to declutter your space this spring.

Single Socks 
No matter how hard we try, every so often a sock will still manage to go missing. Instead of keeping your leftover single socks around in hopes that you’ll find its counterpart, now is the time to get rid of them. Take inventory of the full pairs you do have, and start fresh.

Underwear With Holes
Part in parcel with single socks are underwear that are too worn in (and possibly starting to collect holes). We all have a very “loved” pair lurking in our closets, and trust us, we get it, they’re so comfy. But it’s time to get rid of them. Buy a new pair and make sure they’re just as comfortable as your old pair.
Mismatched Hangers
Step one: take all the wire hangers from dry-cleanings past and get rid of them. Step two: take all the damaged hangers in your closet and throw them out. Step three: buy as many of the same hangers as needed. Step four: rejoice in a neat closet.
Half-Used Candles 
I know, I know, we all want to use every candle to the end of its wick, but this spring let’s just free ourselves from the agony. When a candle starts to look gross, go out on its own, or almost burn your hand when you reach inside to light it, toss it. Yes, even if it’s the best smelling candle you’ve ever owned.
Expired Beauty Products
Have you ever researched the shelf life of all those beauty products you have in your medicine cabinet? A lot of beauty products have a shorter shelf life than you’d presume. It’s time to take your computer to the bathroom, fire up google, and get to work. Throw anything away that’s even questionably expired. Yes, that includes your collection of hotel miniatures. While you’re at it, you might as well check expiration dates on all the medicine in there, too.