Ever since this post, we’ve had a lot of requests for more budget-friendly clean beauty buys! Today, I’m excited to bring you my favorite staple bath and body clean swaps from Target which, as you may have noticed, seems to be really committed to offering more of these types of products—so awesome. Our skin is our largest organ, and these are the products that we use the most on our bodies, so it would make sense that trying to swap out these products first (besides maybe lip products since they are ingested) is a great step toward safer skin and body care.

First up is this giant body wash from Alaffia. This bad boy is 32 ounces and only $10!!! Not only is it an insane value, but it’s also a really, really good product. Alaffia also has hand soaps that I’ve found at Whole Foods and they’re awesome as well. The scents on their products are really nice and natural, not overbearing. This wash has shea butter, coconut oil, and neem (cleanses and clarifies), and is great for all skin types.

Very pumped about the shampoo and conditioner set from Acure, which is one of my favorite brands. At $10/piece, you can get this sulfate-free full set for less than you’d get one product at a salon. These formulas use argan oil and pumpkin to add tons of moisture—I have a very sensitive scalp and love the way my hair and scalp feel after I wash with these.

I LOVE Seaweed Bath Co. and this body cream is a great product. It’s available in two scents, lavender and eucalyptus mint, which are both great in my book. At $10.99 (and on sale for less than that at the time of this post), it’s a great swap for your Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret standbys.

Last, but definitely not least, on this list is this Schmidt’s deodorant. Since the ingredients in your deodorant can travel to your bloodstream pretty quickly, this aluminum-free formula is an excellent option to replace your conventional deodorant.

If you’re curious about how toxins can be absorbed, this is a great article. It talks about how toxins can penetrate through the skin and enter our bloodstream.

I hope this has been a useful list for you if you’re trying to trade out conventional products for cleaner ones. Remember, it’s not about being perfect or throwing out everything you own to “start over.” Just working toward a few products at a time, or even ONE at a time is a great way to start!

xo Keely

Credits//Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.