timisoara traditional restaurantSabres Restaurant is a fish restaurant in Timisoara, Romania, established over 12 years ago. Its recent refurbishing aimed to refresh the whole atmosphere while preserving elements of the traditional restaurant.

The entire project was carried out by Luxury Design Dosei interior design studio, according to the concepts drafted by the interior designer Mihaela Dosei. Shapes and textures are the central elements of this space, which manages to look casual while maintaining propriety. Designers reinterpreted industrial design in a traditionalist light, as the accent falls on natural materials like wood and brick.

One of the beneficiary’s wishes was that the space would allow for a high traffic flow. This is due to the fact that the traditional restaurant often hosts business meetings, conferences and presentations. Thus, the entire refurbishment focused particularly on the efficient partitioning of space and the creation of distinct areas.luxury design dosei designBefore the renovation, materials such as ceramics and iron weighed down the space, so designers introduced natural, lightweight materials that would brighten it up. Designers integrated materials like oak, cork, rope and mirrors throughout the restaurant.

With the help of the artist Ligia Seculici, who created various accessories inspired by fishing, the traditional restaurant took on new life. A fish-scale-shaped mirror fills one wall, while the bar stools resemble wine bottles with cork stoppers. On the opposite wall, bottles of wine paired with fish dishes invite the diners to stay a little bit longer. Other noticeable accessories are the levitating fish bank, the ropes and the pottery that decorate the walls of the hall.

The biggest challenge in accomplishing this design was finishing it on a one-month completion deadline. Problems with the space’s sanitary facilities shortened this timeframe even further. These issues necessitated a complete rebuild of the bathrooms, though this ultimately helped the design. Designers added accessories in order to make the bathrooms feel more cohesive with the rest of the design: A fish-shaped mirror hangs on one wall. Photography by Luxury Design Dosei.

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