In perfumery also have their trends, however, they follow each other not as often and rapidly as in the fashion and beauty industry. So there’s a good time to sniff the new products.


Ukraine (English green) — scents with strong green notes, i.e. notes of moss, twigs, freshly cut grass, pine needles, cucumber, currant buds, ivy, rhubarb or mint. And in the notes to the aroma, it is vital to find a story about how the perfume languished in the big city and found inspiration in the remote rural areas of the frame one day to sleep in the meadow.

Послушай первой: самые свежие тренды в парфюмерии 2019

A woody fragrance for women, Beach Hut, Amouage.

So the main «noses» the beauty industry has responded to the proclamation of the green the main color of last year. Yes, the year 2018 has passed, and herbal bouquets continue to meet the world of fragrances is late, but vigorously picked up the trend of the green. And in all senses: the industry increasingly refuses to ingredients of animal origin (same musk), getting all of the necessary plants.

By the way, it is believed that all these chords are not just collected together, they all seek to recreate the relationship of man with nature and imbue it with energy during the day.

New sea

Rethought sea chords is increasingly appearing in the news. This is not a synthetic sea-90s, smelling of watermelon freshness, and seaweed, salt and flowers, a beached (e.g., freesia, rose, and rosemary).

Послушай первой: самые свежие тренды в парфюмерии 2019

Fragrance L’eau D’issey Pure Issey Miyake. Part of: absolute of rose, honey notes, sandalwood, ambergris and cashmeran.

Perfumers empirically came to simulate the familiar smells associated with a stroll along the shore of the sea. So, the Union of coriander, pepper, ginger and cardamom is reminiscent of sun-warmed tree bark. And bergamot and the skin of the cucumber «sing» about the smell of the air after a storm.

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The flavors of «smoky»

Aromas with notes of bonfire, of smoldering incense, gunpowder, tar and smoked skin at the first meeting surprising and almost olfactory shock. So such trends are not for everyone, plus they are almost always associated with religious history, such as the perfumer says about the temple in your favorite city or meetings with the pastor that his advice changed his life.

Послушай первой: самые свежие тренды в парфюмерии 2019

Aroma 24 Rue De L’universite, Yves Saint Laurent. Part of: frankincense, white wood and sandalwood.

It is not surprising that an outer shell for such compositions is not a matter of dark and serious jars look like they contain the Holy spirit, ready at any moment to break out.


The flavors on the future. They have no vivid emotions, associations and memories. But a lot of mineral notes, metal and dust. Perfumers, creating such novelties, are in eternal search for unusual components, and forms in which their creations are put.

Послушай первой: самые свежие тренды в парфюмерии 2019

Toilet water No Limits, Bruno Banani. In the note tree guac that grows in South America and the Caribbean.

Some perfumers beforehand looking for the smell of the moon or figure out how unable to smell the inhabitants of other planets, and other important people of the industry gather fragrant ingredients in remote parts of the world where no foot may tread, underlining the exclusivity of their masterpieces. Future, it turns out, all different.

Just flowers

Floral aromas, of course, has always existed and will exist. But lately they are often associated with sugary sugar compositions, which literally gritted teeth. Now on the agenda is the clean — flowers, and nothing more. For the design of the bottle usually choose bright colors, but without pretentiousness, again a reminder of the commitment one slim concept (without impurities and embellishment).

Послушай первой: самые свежие тренды в парфюмерии 2019

Magnolia Sensuel fragrance with tangerine, flowers of oranges, of Jasmine, vanilla from Parfums Bvlgari.

These flavors — a new breath classics. Remember: the perfumers to synthesize the weird ingredients and search for the smell of the moon mixed the usual flowers and grass growing under the house.