dating advice: always check the weather forecastAlright. I’ve been talking about this dating column long enough now, today is finally the day! Before my last relationship (of 6 years), I never really went on dates. Like I really can’t remember a one. As a result, I’m learning everything NOT to do in my late 20’s. And what’s better is that now you get to hear all the juicy details. Get ready y’all, because this first story is a kicker and the main reason I will always check the forecast before any future dates.

When I first moved to Philly, I was like, what’s online dating? Maybe I’ll give it a try? I downloaded Tinder, and after a lot of amusement and screenshot texts to my friends, I matched with someone who didn’t seem terrible and we started chatting. He liked The Simpsons and could pull off a hat so I figured what the hell. We set a date for a Friday in January.

The weather app on my phone had a snowflake to the day we picked and I was thought it was going to be perfect. Snow is one of my favorite things about life, so in my head I was thinking, we’ll go for a drink, walk a little in a light snow and call it a night. It’ll be romantic and a good first hangout. But of course, that’s not how it went down.

The snow was gently falling as we met up at a bar in my neighborhood. Everything was fine, and he was nice enough, but it just wasn’t working for me. It was one of those dates that are okay in the moment, but you know you won’t be out again. Side note: if you’re also new to the world of online dating, just know men tend to add at least 3″ to how tall they think/say they are.

What I didn’t realize throughout all get-to-know-you questions was how hard it had actually been snowing. By the time we left, the roads were shutting down. That cute little snowflake symbol from earlier was actually a marker of a blizzard. And there I was on a first date with a man who lived in a different part of the city who had no way of getting home.

We ended up walking a few blocks to my apartment to wait out the storm. The snow had started blowing sideways and it was becoming unsafe to be outside at all. What started as grabbing a drink to get to know one another, turned into a 22 hour date where we exhausted all interesting topics of discussion in my barely furnished apartment. Y’all, I didn’t even have a TV to help pass the time.

The next day as the storm let up, he was finally able to catch an Uber home. Major shoutout to the driver that saved my sanity that day. What I learned is this: if you see an indication of any inclement weather, check the forecast in depth and just reschedule. Either that or stock up on wine and make sure you have a working TV because you’re in for hours of awkward conversation.


PS I am looking to share your stories here as well! The good, the bad, the downright regrettable. All of it. Got something to share? Shoot me an email at with the subject ‘Dates’ to be featured (can either be anonymously or I can give you credit).

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