The fireplace is more often than not the focal point of the space it’s in and that has to do with its very nature and essence, not necessarily with the way it looks. That, of course, is not to day that looks should be neglected. Quite the opposite: since it stands out whether you want it or not, you might as well turn your fireplace into a feature worthy of attention. We hope with this idea we can inspire you to plan a makeover and with that in mind we’re going to check out a few fireplace tile options.

Herringbone Tile Pattern

Spice things up a little with fireplace tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern. The zig-zag lines add a playful touch to the design and allow the fireplace to stand out in a simple, almost modest manner. The pattern is reminiscent of rustic decors and this also brings a little bit of coziness into the room.

Turquoise Fish Scale Tile

Fish scale tiles don’t need any outside help to stand out and although they’re most commonly found on bathroom walls and on kitchen backsplashes, they can also look awesome on a fireplace. These turquoise fireplace tiles are pretty funky and they’re arranged in a very interesting way. You can try something similar for your own fireplace and you can even mix and match two or more colors to create a fun arrangement.

Pebble Tiles

Pebbles are cute and can be used in lots of cool ways to make spaces look fresh, beautiful and connected to nature in a very special way. That being said, you can update an old fireplace using a pebble tile kit and the transformation would be awesome. Depending on the type of pebbles you use, the fireplace can look rustic or modern but either way it will be very charming.

Wood-like tiles

Some tiles mimic the look the wood and they do a very good job in this sense. They can be used to make tiled floors look warm and elegant but they can also be used to cover walls or why not fireplaces…Such a makeover would be pretty simple since the tiles are pretty big and usually rectangular, mimicking wood planks. Also, they’re not flammable like real wood is.{found on sticksandstones}.


Mosaic tile can be really cheerful and it’s definitely eye-catching which is actually a good thing since the fireplace is designed to stand out anyway. There are several different options to choose from. Mosaic tiles come in various sizes, color combinations and even patterns or materials so find the combo that works best for your fireplace and your home in general.{found on bdgdesigngroup}.

Subway tiles

Is a fun and eye-catching fireplace surround is not exactly what you have in mind, perhaps something more simple and classical would be a better option. In that case, one suggestion would be to opt for subway tiles. Use simple white tiles for a classy and elegant vibe.

Glass tiles

Today, glass tiles are commonly used in pools, kitchens, spas and bathrooms but they’re also known to look beautiful in kitchens and, in some cases, on fireplace surrounds. Glass tiles are elegant and come in all sorts of delicate colors as well as in some vibrant nuances. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes so pick the ones that match your style.


You can’t really go wrong with marble. It’s a truly timeless material, always elegant and always beautiful. It’s also very versatile and can be used in an infinite number of ways in interior design, including on kitchen counters, backsplashes, flooring, shelves and even fireplace surrounds. You can use marble tiles to update an old fireplace or to cover up the entire fireplace wall.

Basket weave tiles

The type of tiles you use, the material they’re made of, their finish and color are all important but so is the manner in which you install them, more exactly the pattern. An interesting option is that sense is to arrange the tiles in a basketweave pattern. There are actually several different options in this case and these are two of them.

Faux stone tiles

Just like there are tiles that mimic the look of wood, there are also tiles that look like stone. These faux-stone tiles can be installed on walls to make spaces look rustic and cozy and they can of course also be used to update a fireplace surround. Faux-stone tiles are not only for rustic interiors. In fact, they’re most common in modern and contemporary spaces.

Porcelain tiles

Since you’re not limited to any kind of specialized fireplace tiles, that means you’re free to use any type you want, hence the vast array of materials, forms and sizes you can choose from. Since porcelain tiles are so common and come in so many different patterns and colors, that makes them prime candidates for fireplace makeover projects.

Colorful tiles

Since there are so many different options to choose from, there’s lots of room for creativity when decorating a fireplace. You can pick tiles that match the walls, the floor or elements in the interior decor of the room such as the window treatments, the furniture or the lighting fixtures. Think of fireplace tiles as another kind of wall decorations.

3d tiles

Did you know there are also 3D tiles that you can use in your interior design projects? Well, there’s actually more than one way in which you can interpret that so check out this elegant fireplace surround to understand the design direction we were referring to.

Metallic tiles

Speaking of less common tile types, metallic tiles are pretty special too. We’re talking about tiles made of actual metal, not just about metallic colors. You can use this variety of fireplace tiles in interiors with industrial design accents.

Weathered steel tiles

Weathered steel tiles deserve a separate mention, the reason for that being their special and very distinctive appearance. Such a fireplace tile surround would naturally have a strong industrial character. Seeing it in the context of a contemporary bedroom is actually not that surprising.

Stacked stone

Naturally, a fireplace decorated with stone tiles brings an earthy flair into the space and looks elegant and beautiful. It may not be eye-catching in a very dramatic or obvious way but it contributes to a very pleasant and welcoming overall ambiance. For a customized look, stack the tiles in an original manner and create a unique pattern.

Hand painted tiles

You can also make your fireplace tile surround look special by choosing to use hand-painted tiles. They have a nice artisanal character and they’re individually unique. Since they’re each hand-painted, there can be small differences between the tiles in terms of color and certain imperfections can also be present but like with any other handcrafted item these imperfections are actually the details that give the tiles character. Also, the really cool thing in this case is that you can paint the tiles yourself.

Granite and wood

When choosing your fireplace tiles, think of them not only in strict relation to the fireplace but also to the wall surrounding them and the entire room. It’s import to see the big picture and to create pleasant and enjoyable combinations of materials, finishes and colors. Here, for example, you can see a mixture of granite and wood which look exquisite.{found on dhd}.

Stenciled tiles

If you want to create the illusion of tiles without actually using any, there’s actually a very simple solution: use a stencil to paint your fireplace surround and make it look like it’s covered with tiles. First you clean and prep the fireplace, then you choose the paint that you want to use, apply the base coat and once it’s dry you secure the stencil in one of the corners and you start stenciling making sure the paint is not dripping. Remove the stencil, realign it and continue until you frame the whole fireplace. Find out more about this on infarrantlycreative.

White brick surround

A brick two sided fireplace surround is not exactly a great option for a contemporary interior design defined by simplicity and clean and chic colors and forms. If you paint the fireplace surround white, however, it’s a whole different story.

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