If you’ve followed me for a while, you will know that I love making handmade wrapping paper during the holidays. And I REALLY love finding simple ways to create that paper. I thought it would be fun to kick off the holiday season with one of my favorite ways to make simple and colorful floral wrapping paper- using your fingers! The best part is that this project is easy and fun for all ages.

I like to use craft paper, white wrapping paper or butcher paper when I am creating my own wrapping paper. I used a roll of white butcher paper and smaller sheets of craft paper for this project.
To begin, select a few colors of acrylic paint.

Dip a finger into one color and begin creating simple and messy flowers. There is no need to get perfect or worry about details- this process is all about capturing the basic shape of a flower.
Keep in mind, the more you move those fingers around, the more expressive the flowers will be.
Add a few simple stems or leaves around those flowers- this will really complete any simple flower.
And then begin filling that surface. Lucy went wild with all kinds of colorful rose inspired shapes on a smaller pieces of craft paper.
And I filled large pieces of butcher paper with colorful flowers.
An afternoon of messy fun and a little collection of really pretty paper!
Looking for more inspiration for handmade wrapping?