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Do you live for fall wreaths—and pumpkin spice? Are your favorite activities apple-picking, cashmere-sweater appreciation, and leaf-pile jumping, in that order? Amazing news: Your favorite time of the year is here. And if you’re looking for one more way to share your autumnal cheer, you might want to announce the arrival of the coziest of seasons by hanging a fall wreath on your door. Whether you opt for a cool-toned, minimalist wreath or a bold farmhouse number, trust Etsy to offer the exact fall door wreath you need to bring your perfect autumn vision to life. 

Looking for fall wreath ideas? Check out our picks—and meet a few of the talented makers who bring them to life.

Fall wreaths with classic construction

Linen and burlap, grapevine and gourds—could you ask for anything more from a rustic fall wreath?

Fall wreath from Forevermore on Etsy

SHOP: Fall wreath from Forevermore, $145

Wild and wispy and dotted with pinecones, it’s like a walk in the woods you can hang on your door.

Fall wreath with pumpkin sign

SHOP: Thanksgiving wreath from KarlaDivineCreations, $130

This bounty of blooms and bows comes complete with a seasonal sign to help you get your welcoming message across.

Magnolia autumn front door swag

SHOP: Magnolia swag from JimsDaughterDesigns, $175

Shimmering bronze ribbon and creamy magnolia blossoms deliver an elegant, elevated look that lasts.  

Hoop wreaths for fall

Minimalist hoop wreath for fall

SHOP: Preserved eucalyptus wreath from DecoMintStudio, $28 

If you’re more into minimalist chic, this hoop wreath features soft greens and natural elements like walnuts, flax seed pods, and more.

blue and brown grass wreath for fall

SHOP: Fall grass wreath from NovaWreaths, from $79 

Who says autumn is only for warm tones? Try this soothing, subtle blue-and-brown arrangement to make your door both moody and beautiful.

Wheat semicircle wreath for fall

SHOP: Dried botanical wreath from HarborandHomeShop, $55 

Earthy meets ethereal in this airy, half-halo design.

Fall wreaths made from surprising materials

Fall felt ball wreath

SHOP: Custom felt ball wreath from Hoppsy Daisy, from $155

A felt-ball wreath in a custom palette lets you decide what constitutes “fall colors.”

Corn husk wreath

SHOP: Faux heather and corn husk wreath from ChristinaEllaDecor, from $66

Faux heather and corn husks give this monochromatic number its distinctive tactile appeal.

Birch bark fall wreath

SHOP: Birch bark and fabric wreath from BirchPack, $246

Fall often has us looking toward the leaves of the trees, but birch bark petals are the star of this dreamy, pale-hued wreath.

Plus: Meet four wreath makers we love


When Karla of KarlaDivineCreations retired from her nursing job, she decided to try out crafting—and where else to start but wreath-making? “With lots of practice, to my surprise, I found it was enjoyable and therapeutic,” Karla says. When designing her wreaths, Karla starts with a sign or a certain color and builds her creation from there. Her focus on high-quality details sets these fall wreaths apart, from the intricate foliage layers to the color-coordinated bows tied just so.


For those seasonal celebrants who believe more is always more, Forevermore’s lush fall wreaths, which incorporate a mix of natural and artificial materials, are the pinnacle of the form. “If I get overwhelmed, I take a walk through our surrounding woodland,” Heather says. “Mother Nature always inspires me.” Like the flowers and greenery in the wreaths themselves, shop owner Heather’s enthusiasm for making them is abundant. “I love what I do,” she says. “I wish there were eight days in a week instead of seven.” Spoken like a true maximalist.


Danielle Fisher of JimsDaughterDesigns started wreath-making one Christmas as a mom of two young twins(!), when she was looking to make that time of year special for her little ones. After searching in vain for a wreath she loved, Danielle decided to make her own—and the rest is handmade history. Using faux blooms, playful signage, and a lot of heart, she creates wreaths for any and all occasions.  “I fell in love with wreath-making because I could create something unique each and every time,” Danielle says. “And I love unique, beautiful things.” Us too, Danielle.

Hoppsy Daisy

From a young age, Anja of Hoppsy Daisy made handmade decorations and gifts for family and friends; she crafted her first felt-ball wreath seven years ago and has been working in the medium ever since. “I don’t work from a template,” she says. “Each wreath is a truly unique creation.” (One especially complex piece measured 24 inches across and incorporated 900 multicolored felt balls.) Hoppsy Daisy’s nontraditional wreaths are perfect for those whose door-decor style falls on the modern end of the spectrum.

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