Danish design brand Ferm Living just released their SS21 collection and it’s beautifully styled as per usual. Their latest collection features soft, organic shapes and neutral, earthy tones, underscoring the personal, raw and unfinished notion that embodies the feeling of home.

They see a home as a space that evolves and emerges along with the seasons of your life. With the passing of time, as your collection of personal curio, everyday items and beloved heirlooms begin to grow, your home develops a soul of its own. Storing an infinite number of memories and emotions that are personal to you. In many ways, coming home is like putting on a warm, comforting coat: it’s a safe, secure space where you can be the most authentic, true version of yourself, free from the expectations and obligations of the outside world.

I think this a great way to look at decorating a place and it’s what I often describe as a home with character and personality. This is something that grows over time and I’m personally in the stage where I’m slowly adding this personal touch to my new apartment as well. It takes a long time to find your way into a new space and to truly make it your own.

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