Last weekend we had friends over for a Sunday roast and kicked off with our first ‘glögg‘ (Swedish mulled wine) of the season. And I can safely say that when the snow is coming down outside, nothing warms the cockles better! Swedish glögg is enjoyed with a handful of almonds and raisins, pepperkaka (gingerbread biscuits) and sometimes blue cheese. Mmmmm! One of the big Swedish brands Blossa recently released these beautiful lifestyle pics taken by Pia Ulin and styled by Lotta Agaton which I think capture the, eh hem, ‘spirit’ of Christmas beautifully!

So cosy, don’t you think?

I really love the traditional feel of the dining table- to get a similar look try this linen tablecloth (if it’s too neat or has folds in it when it arrives put it through a wash (or spray it with water) and then tumble dry it, you can also scrunch it up a little as soon as it’s out of the machine for good measure).  Source lovely aged chopping boards here. These traditional Swedish Skultuna lily candlestick holders are sooo lovely.

In a few weeks time my family and I will pick a cold afternoon and make gingerbread biscuits. Will you be making any? If so, there’s so much inspiration out there from the simplest shapes and cutest mini houses to entire gingerbread cities! So fun! 

And before I head off, here are three Scandinavian-style Christmas links I love….

A charming Danish home decorated for Christmas. 

A Swedish countryhouse  decked out for ‘jul’!

Au natural style gift wrapping.

Have a lovely day, skål!

PS I remember one particular hectic year our Christmas tree got knocked over not once but three times! Each time whoever was at home said it was the cat, suspicious to say the least!! Has your tree ever fallen over?

PPS And finally, due to popularity, Abbott & Mosley have extended the 15% discount (with code myhome15) on all watches until 20th November! See the original post (and the one I chose) here.