While traditional taxidermy isn’t for everyone, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the elegance and strength of nature’s most fascinating wildlife. This post explores the world of faux deer trophies – beautiful artwork that anyone can appreciate and admire. First, we’ll look at a few incredible faux trophies and wall art, and then we’ll move into functional home accessories with huge personality. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our other animal-themed collections like this list of elephant-themed decorations or this compilation of bird figurines.

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The Amalia Faux Deer Head: This highly detailed faux trophy is ideal for classical interiors or minimalistic interiors that need a dash of detail. Or, to make an even greater visual impact, consider hanging this (or any of the other trophy mounts) within an intricate picture frame.

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Faux Deer With Numerous Color Options: Bold colors, impressive antlers – these deer are sure to create a focal point no guest could ignore. These are available in a wide range of colors sure to suit any interior, modern or traditional.

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Faux Deer Head With Pink Rose: The perfect accessory for a chic interior theme, this adorable doe has a bit of pop art appeal. The flower is even removable so you can add your favorite fresh-cut blossoms instead.

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Paper Flower Embellished Deer Head: Bright paper flowers bring this faux deer to life. This would be a cute way to add a splash of color within a cottage theme, Scandinavian-inspired home, or any vibrant modern interior.

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Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Deer: Appreciate the beauty of Dia de Muertos in a unique way with this sugar skull inspired deer. It works wonderfully as a seasonal accent or even as a year-round decoration in a regionally themed home.

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Super Realistic Deer Head Faux Taxidermy: Just look at this incredible detail! This realistic faux deer is a work of art.

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Ceramic Deer Head With Branch Antlers: Natural and fun, these deer sculptures feature removable branches as antlers – replace with branchy flowers, seasonal trimmings, or give as a gift to your favorite gardener.

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Deer Head Map Wall Mounted Trophy: Well-traveled design fans are sure to appreciate this one. The modern form and bright colorful map motif make this piece extra suitable for a futurist or pop art interior.

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DIY Jig Saw Dear Head: Fun to construct and even more fun to appreciate, this faux deer head is part puzzle and part decor. It’s easy to put together and appropriate for all ages. The natural wood looks great, but you could even paint the pieces to match your color theme.

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Faux Taxidermy Plush Deer Head: How cute! Soft and colorful, this piece would make a charismatic addition to a children’s bedroom, a Moroccan-themed interior, or a Scandinavian inspired home.

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Fabric and Felt Deer Head: Here’s another fun plush option for a kid’s room, craft room, or anywhere else that could benefit from playful patterns and colors.

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Multicolor Faux Deer Head: This piece might appeal to different designers for different reasons – fans of rustic design might enjoy the organic papier-mâché form, while art collectors can certainly appreciate the abstract Mondrian-esque color theme.

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Crocheted Mounted Deer Head: Aww! This sweet little fawn would make a great gift for fans of crochet sculptures. It would look right at home just about anywhere, but especially in a bedroom or craft room.

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Cardboard Deer Heads Big and Small: Are you looking for a fun DIY project, or just want the look of faux taxidermy without spending a fortune? This piece can satisfy both of those requirements. And since it’s made from cardboard, it would be very customizable too!

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Faux Deer Head Wall Lighting: Ambient lighting with a twist. This cardboard deer looks like a doe when the light is turned off, but fantastic antlers are revealed with the flip of a switch. It’s a cool illusion for any home. This would make a wonderful light for a nature-themed nursery!

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Low Poly Deer: Origami enthusiasts are sure to love this one! This DIY deer includes all the supplies you need to make this gorgeous modern creation. It’s certainly not the easiest project, but it’s a fun challenge and well worth the effort.

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Paper Deer Head (Set of 3): Here’s an even more inexpensive DIY deer head project, this time with a more casual aesthetic. The dark cardboard would look incredible in an industrial interior, but it would look nice in rustic-themed homes as well. The finished result is very small (measuring 2×3 inches without the antlers) so they make neat party favors for friends.

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Mini Deer And Moose With Golden Antlers: Luxurious, yet down-to-earth. These mounts would make any interior look high-end.

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Faux Deer Skull Gold: This faux stag skull is a contrast of sophisticated and realist themes. It’s very versatile, weighing only five pounds.

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Silver Faux Deer Head Wall Mount: Here’s a small faux mount in silver, just over 14 inches tall but only 5 inches deep – a nice choice for small interiors.

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Deer Head Line Art: Here’s another great item for small living spaces because it simply lays flat against the wall. This deer combines a little graphic design inspiration with modern minimalism, a fresh look for a contemporary interior.

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Tres Chic Deer Head: Ornate and inventive, this deer sculpture almost feels baroque in character.

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Composite Pair Deer Head Bookends: To wrap up the list, let’s look at some items have a functional purpose within the home. These bookends would look nice in any classical or rustic interior.

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Joseph Deer Bookends: Here are more bookends, this time with a distressed aesthetic.

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Faux Dear Head Rack: Cute! These racks are made from metal so you can be sure they’ll hold anything from jewelry to jackets and beyond.

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Deer Head Key Rack: Made from sturdy cast iron, this ultra-miniature deer rack will hold your most adored jewelry without any trouble at all. This piece is available in a variety of colors to suit any interior.

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Deer Head Single Wall Hook: Rather than focusing on just the antlers, this wall hook leverages a much sturdier hook at the base of the mount.

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Wrought Iron Deer Head Hook: Textural wrought iron lends this piece an almost antique look – but the contemporary form is sure to fit within any interior style. Purses, jackets, backpacks, and more: all will find their place here.

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Black Stag Head: Handmade from 3D printed plastic, these matte black anatomical skulls are ideal for decorating small spaces between existing decorations.

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Deer Jewelry Display Tower: So whimsical! This cute deer and plate combination makes it easy to organize rings, necklaces, and other small items.

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