With the start of the school year, there’s a greater emphasis on all things academic. Like books. If your household has a book lover or three, you might be interested in this fast, fun, and easy DIY project: DIY bookends. The possibilities are endless with the strategy to tell a story with the bookends that surround your stories. Here’s a quick tutorial on making this fun project.

DIY Bookends from Toys

DIY Bookends materials

Materials Needed:

  • Metal bookends, in the size of your choice
  • Toy dinosaur & toy soldiers
  • Super glue & hot glue
  • Spray paint
  • Box cutter/razor blade
  • Permanent marker

DIY Bookends - determine the way to cut

Determine which direction you want your bookend “story” to go. Then hold the dinosaur up to one of your bookends, and draw a straight line where you want to cut it. The line should be straight at eye level, not necessarily in relation to anything on the dinosaur itself.

Use a box cutter to carefully slice the animal along the line.

You’ll have two pieces now, hopefully with a crisp cut. Trim any jagged edges or bumps so the cut is flat.

DIY Bookends - prepare the back

Determine where you want the back/footed piece to go.

Run a thin bead of super glue

Run a thin bead of super glue anywhere along the dinosaur where it will touch the bookend. This includes the cut line, of course, and also the feet or other points of contact.

Place the dinosaur against the bookend

Place the dinosaur against the bookend. It will likely slip and slide around a bit.

holding the dinosaur in place

While holding the dinosaur in place, run a bead of hot glue around all the points of contact. Basically, this is to keep the dinosaur in place until the super glue dries, which can be a while. Run the hot glue all the way around the contact area, if possible, for a more inconspicuous connection.

carefully cut off any strings or drips

When the hot glue dries, use the box cutter to carefully cut off any strings or drips.

Set the bookend aside to let it cool and dry completely.

Place the second bookend next to the first one

Place the second bookend next to the first one, and position the head of the dinosaur carefully to align horizontally.

Use a permanent marker to mark

Use a permanent marker to mark where the positioning should be.

Use the same super glue/hot glue steps to position and secure the head to the second bookend.

When the head is in place, it’s time to position the toy soldiers. Super glue then hot glue these in place as well.

Set the bookends out on a drop cloth and spray them with the color of spray paint of your choice. This example ended up with matte black spray paint as the final coat.

Let everything dry completely.

Slide your books between the bookends. Done!

Turn kids toys into bookends

These bookends have made everyone in our household smile already.

Kids toys bookends DIY

One trait that makes bookends that tell a “story” so fun is that it doesn’t matter how many books are between them. The humor is still there, just a delayed punch line perhaps.

As you can see, the hot glue is visible but not distracting when everything’s all painted the same color.

DIY Bookends for kids books

We hope you enjoy your new DIY bookends almost as much as you love reading what’s between them.

Happy DIYing!

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