Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Fashionable glasses have long ceased to be strictly utilitarian object, and are used by fashionistas all over the world as interesting and enjoyable accessory. Points in 2019, expect a few alterations — double the frames, double glazed Windows, a bottomless depth and vibrant hues. Mankind is wearing sunglasses — it is terrible to imagine! — since the days of the Roman Empire.

By the way, the sunglasses of the period, of course, like any modern woman instead of glass lenses they had used thin slices of colored gemstones.

Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Most often used emerald. Since then many centuries have passed, but now this accessory is very important glasses help complete any sophisticated way, to diversify it, to make more interesting and attractive. However, when we are talking about fashion trends and trends consider everything from haircuts and ending with the shape of the spectacle frame. To follow the fashion trends in the year 2019, it means you can afford to be fashionable and attractive.


Models of eyeglass frames, which will be presented in the coming year, so diverse that can satisfy any taste. They have in common only one thing – they are all large sizes. And let us say thank you fashion, eyewear such a design it is best to protect your eyes and skin around them.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

Designers offer buyers rim both massive and lightweight options for totally different colors. Lenses can be clear, dark and chameleons. The new year will be glasses raised to the edge. The fashion includes a variety of rhinestones and all kinds of decor.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

In fashion everything will be custom and original, so don’t hesitate to be bright! Most importantly, the glasses fit perfectly its owner and gave her a lot of positive emotions.


The designers ‘ love of the fashion of the past is limitless. I expressed this reverent affection, and in the revival of different models of sunglasses. Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

For example, a wonderful addition to the summer of 2019 will be the sunglasses cat eye, which we used to call chanterelles. Playful and at the same time elegant, they are perfectly suited to the feminine look, business attire and evening outfits.

Trend: Aviators

Aviators — record fashion runway. But do not think that over the decades the popularity of aviators have remained unchanged. In 2019, the designers decided on a set of experiments, presenting a huge number of colored lenses, fancy plastic rims and mysterious lambent mirrored glass. So, the stylists from the house of Carven was decorated with models of aviators with a double frame and lenses warm brown tones.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

Nice glasses presented to designers of Chanel. Loewe showed a collection of clothing from vinyl fabric, highlighting images of unusual aviators. Fashion house Karen Walker combined several peak trends, fringing glasses frame with marble pattern. Stella McCartney decided to evoking images, shading red plastic frame with black temples. In fashion and timeless classics from RayBan, popular since 1937!

Trend: CatEye

Favorite model glasses style icons Audrey Hepburn and the sexiest women of the last century, Marilyn Monroe. Glasses, generously adds its owner raisins and evil eyes, again at the peak of popularity. This model is ideal for women with pronounced cheekbones, but for the broad face they most likely will not work.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

In 2019, the designers returned to the catwalks of retro-rimless cat-eye with pointed corners, and decided on a fashion experiment, presenting the collection with a combination of pointed and round frames of glasses, such as Fendi. But designers Max Mara presented a feminine, emphasizing her elegance mens costumes free cut.

Trend: Colored lenses

Despite the fact that ophthalmologists pretty skeptical custom lens tints in sunglasses, it doesn’t stop designers from fashion experiments with color. Podiums 2019 full colored sunglasses, adding even more appeal with effect оmbre how did Trussardi.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

On top of the glass red, yellow, brown, gray, blue, lavender and green colors. The stylists of the brand Banana Republic decided to combine several peak trends, wearing a nose glasses models-hypercalls with pink lenses, which will definitely make your life brighter and happier, because you look at the world through rose-colored glasses in the most literal sense of the word! Supported trend Dolce&Gabbana, Dior and Fossil.

Trend: Round glasses

Rounded spectacles, popularly known as the glasses of John Lennon, is no surprise – they are already a few seasons wander on the fashion catwalks. In the future season, designers have decided to update a few mods bored model. For example, designers from the house of Giorgio Armani round sunglasses offered in double metal frame. Kenzo presented stylish sunglasses into a Duo-tone color blocking with the dark glasses.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

However, the peak trend of the new fashion year will be glasses with round glasses, which contrast with the frame. They create not just a stylish image, but also adds mystery. The most prominent representative of this trend was the Phillip Lim for proposing a parsimonious model with smoky lenses and a transparent frame. Great variety and colorful model of these glasses can be seen at Burberry Prorsum, Cacharel, Fendi and Vera Wang.

Trend: clear glass

Fashion glasses with clear lenses again become regulars at fashion catwalks. These glasses add flavor to the strict office with a bow and put the emphasis on winning facial features. Designers Gucci chose to set off clear lens frames with animal print.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

In turn, Anna Sui decided to add an accent with a small darkening of the lens, and Chanel is almost completely abandoned frames, so nothing distracts the eye from a female face. Even the most affordable brands, such as Custo Barcelona and Hellessy, presented in new shows a few bows with glasses for nerds.

Glasses for vision 2019

Can not forget about those glasses that are provided for vision correction. Here everything is quite expected — producers of glasses in 2019 selected those forms, which announced the designers resort collections. So next season we expect the classic semi-circular glasses with gold hardware in black frames, which can be worn by both men and women.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

The traditional «cat’s eyes», which allows any face look younger and fresh, and no less than the traditional wide rim — which, however, this season will be in color. Worth watching and towards wider rims heterogeneous shades — Yes, it’s very, very reminiscent of grandma’s horn-rimmed glasses, but as the dictates of past practices, it will be on the crest of a wave.

Trend: the Perfect black

Deep black glasses in sunglasses lends this incredible mystique and mystery, have become classics of this fashion segment. Therefore, stylists recommend fashionistas to have at least one classic pair with black lenses – they can be worn for several years and to stay on top of trends.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

However, in 2019, the designers introduced a completely new interpretation of this trend. Among the most interesting models we can mention glasses from Balenciaga, equipped with unusual chain, model Dior round performance, glasses dragonflies by Giorgio Armani, black glass, accented with white frame Coach large cat eye performed by designers Gucci and also interesting models of houses, Burberry Prorsum, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton and Vera Wang.

How to choose sunglasses?

Even the branded sunglasses will look alien if the choice of this accessory is not taken into account the specific structure of the face. A well-chosen frame, on the contrary, highlight your strengths and correct minor flaws. Stylists advise to follow a few simple rules.Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

Account face shape.

    • So, chubby girls should look dark rectangular frame, which visually narrows the face. Square face will be correct with glasses, sitting high on the bridge and having slightly rounded shape at the bottom of the lens (or the circle). For a rectangular face perfect large glasses with wide lintels, and a dark frame.

Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019

    • For face in triangle shape suitable glasses is not too eye-catching colors in a metal frame that sit low enough. This will enable to balance a wide forehead and a pointy chin. If the chin has a broad form, look to the glasses in thin frames or no. For elongated narrow faces suitable thick-rimmed glasses with large lenses. And, of course, correct oval face shape fit almost any shape of glasses.

Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019The given color type.

    • Stylists say that people with warm complexion, fit frame, made in gold, bronze, beige, brown, ohrana, warm shades of yellow or coral. For cool appearance, should look for eyewear frames in black, silver, green, blue, or blue. Exactly the same rules should be followed when selecting tinted lenses.

Модные женские солнцезащитные очки 2019Account facial features.

    For example, if you have a high nose bridge want to buy so relevant pilots or other points pronounced teardrop shape, and a small nose fit better glasses with good nose pads. In addition, the right glasses do not cling to lashes and does not lie on the cheeks, even when you smile or talk.


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