Fashionable colors and prints on sandals spring-summer 2019

In the new season, designers began to focus on similar and boring models of sandals. Summer should be hot and bright, so it’s best to choose shoes that will lift your mood and delight. On world podiums in 2019 can be seen as models made in neutral colors, and options of bright colors. In fashion be summer footwear in blue, red, and yellow colors. Popular sandals classic colors — black, beige, gray, white. Do not forget about colorful summer patterns on shoes, bright prints and unusual details-the jewelry!Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

Tape – not only the decor is trendy sandals for summer 2019. Of course, the designers sought to create the most unusual and gorgeous sandals that are chained to all the attention to the legs of its owner. Yes, the collection spring-summer 2019 are riot of colours, feathers, sequins, crystals, metal parts and other decorative details. One of the most common decorations was ribbon of leather or textile.

Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

In 2019, all the fashion houses, as if by agreement, issued in the collection with lace covering slim female legs. This element refers to the classic Victorian style that reigns in the fashion Olympus in 2019. Among the most trendy models can be noted Gladiator sandal with straps, which might end up as the ankle and reach up to the knee.Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

These shoes are in perfect harmony with the Greek style dresses, short shorts and skirts, flying chiffon.

Flat sole

Most sandals, 2019, to fully comply with the fashion for comfort, so the designers gave preference to the completely flat or a little thickened sole in sporty style. The main emphasis is indicated by using various color palettes. Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фотоOn the catwalk reigns the variety of pastel colors, noble, saturated colors, prints and decor suede flowers or beads in the best traditions of Bohemia.


The platform is the height of fashion this season. Although, at first glance, it’s not the most feminine shoes, but the designers worked hard and came up with elegant new tractor model. This Shoe looks great under casual Friday. The platform itself is very comfortable, but the stylists have made it more convenient and easier. So wear it now is a pleasure. Looks very stylish cork platform. Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фотоAlthough, it seems that they have long been out of fashion, they are again at the peak of popularity. On foot they look very neat and stylish. The main thing that should be present on these sandals – bright prints on the sole and colourful straps. For example, Dries Van Noten, offered a very beautiful platform shoes made of cork, and tractor sole. Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото Decorated very trendy prints and weaves. Very cool look a little crude on a high platform sandals with thin stripes. Different prints, national paintings, drawings used in the leading designers. What is interesting is the soles of the sandals more fashionable. Just national embroidery is very relevant.Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

The actual lace-up chunky heelsМодные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

The first thing that catches the eye when viewing the fashion collections is a large number of shoes on a thick heel. Thus designers managed to combine in summer shoes the two most important qualities — comfort and elegance. Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото At fashion shows met sandals, like high thick heel and low, but the high heel was a priority, as demonstrated Proenza Schouler, Rag and Bone, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent.

Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashion sandals stiletto

Hard to find such shoes, which in its allure and relevance will be able to compete with sandals with high heels. Despite numerous complaints fashionistas that such shoes legs get tired very quickly, she is in no hurry to give up their leading positions. And is it worth? Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото Sandals heels visually elongate the silhouette, remove a couple extra pounds and had gained attention for his mistress. That’s why the pin appears again and again at fashion shows and in home closets. In the spring and summer season and the stud offered to wear Miu Miu, Balmain, Haider Ackermann and other brands.Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

Closed pointy toe

Sandals with closed toe are not left without attention of designers in 2019. Finally fashion gurus remember that this shoes has a special grace and elegance, showing her massively on the catwalks of the fashion capitals of the world. A touch of retro allows you to easily enter such sandals Luke in the style of casual, use business images, and to combine with chiffon skirts and flowing dresses.Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

This trend might very well have been featured in recent collections of Chanel, preferring black-and-white classics. The designers of Lanvin presented avid fashionistas sandals-heeled stilettos in rich colors, affordable brand Altuzarra made a bid for a clear, correct line and original decor from ribbons, and luxury brand Christian Dior suggested to try a model with a delicate design and decoration leather bows.Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

Velvet fabric

Shoes made of velvet aristocratic, that’s why has an important place in the fashion industry. This material has long enjoyed the favour of kings, princes, Dukes and other titled persons. In 2019 velvet, without any doubt, can be called one of the most iconic trends. Moreover, designers are not limited to betting on the invoice.Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

The shimmering fabric highlights the rich colors of Bordeaux, chocolate, emerald and electrician as Miu Miu, Lanvin and Chloé. Behind Prada, who presented the collection of shoes in the current color blocking with a combination of crimson with dark blue, emerald, gray, coffee, black. Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фотоIf you belong to the category of daring fashionistas, velvet sandals in a cool day you can combine with contrasting tights in bright colors.

Snake prints

Sandals made of leather with snakeskin-patterned texture, – the most safe way to create a chic and elegant bow. This Shoe is chic, unusual and fits like simple images, and urban style, making it the necessary zest. Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фотоBy the way, the designers did not prohibit the wearing imitation for Python that successfully demonstrate even the luxury brands such as Anna Sui and Donna Karan.


Over the last years designers carefully tried to revive the trend of transparent shoes. In 2019, this model of shoes has managed to conquer the summit of Olympus fashion. Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фотоA couple of seasons ago at the peak of popularity was clear as the ice the heel, and today’s most latest trend sandals absolutely do not have color, creating an unusual effect of bare legs. Transparent inserts are perfectly combined with lacquered leather, suede textures and velvet fabrics, like Alexander Wang.Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото

The maximum closeness

Closed models of sandals took in 2019 solid fashion niche. Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фотоSo, Chanel designers introduced the closed Slippers made of transparent materials decorated with metal, Salvatore Ferragamo showed the model on a low heel with a classic «braid», fashion Elisabetta Franchi made a bid for sustainable sparkly heels and lace-up closure, and Burberry Prorsum sandals in a rather brutal style.Модные босоножки весна-лето 2019 фото