Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019Offhand I can name the article of clothing in the summer of 2019? T-shirt, of course! How to do without this handy thing that can be worn in the office (unless there’s a dress code) and walk out of town?
But what will be fashionable in the future the holiday season? How to be a modern man? Fashion designers already slightly lifted the veil of secrecy, showing us men what to wear next summer. So read carefully, trying to memorize everything.

Models with a flat shoulderМодные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Loose fit men’s t – shirts- the trend of the last season. Lowered shoulder line, a slight negligence perfectly accentuate the image of a brutal man. Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019New steel long mid-thigh models and styles with asymmetrical bottom line. Layering, volume, combination of unusual materials – a distinctive feature of t-shirts for guys.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

C V-neckМодные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Standard V-neck men’s tops looks great in the fitted models fashion style Ombre. Designers offer fine linen styles with neckline V-T, which is pleasant in the summer heat. Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019 A deep «cleavage» approach to a bold and decisive guys. One of the trends of the latest collections was the neckline with a draped effect, which according to the designers «ideal under a three-day unshaven».Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

HoodedМодные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Repetski style t-shirt with hoodie in perfect harmony with the jumper V-shaped silhouette. Cheap cotton hoodies models chosen by Teens, young guys. Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019 This option is good for summer holidays on the beach, the ocean, combined with stylish shorts, jeans. Dense cotton, body style men’s t-shirts will help to warm cool rainy day combined with a thin top underneath.

With an unbuttoned collarМодные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Traditionally, sports style Polo shirts transcended the world of sports. Huge selection of colors – from white to bright orange, violet, contrasting combination of the collar and the tone of the product, stripes and prints fashion brands offer stylish men this summer. Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019Plain Polo t-shirts in muted colors on a summer day will become a convenient substitute shirts of office workers.

T-shirt with a pattern or print

Futuristic prints, funny cartoon drawings, graphic patterns will make men’s t-shirt stylish and enjoyable. The picture blurred gray tones favorites fashion 2016. Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019 For the flamboyant, self-confident guys, floral prints Juice. Still popular drawings of flags and symbols with original features. Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019Nautical theme, bright pictures with palm trees and funky slogans will remind you of Sunny vacation days on the ocean.

With inscriptions

No collection of the designer of this year is not complete without men’s t-shirts. The logos of popular brands, the names of the designers – boring and mundane. Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019Want to tell the world about yourself? Select top with an unusual inscription, expressing a philosophical attitude to life with a touch of humor. Sports fans will fit stylish t-shirt with the name of your favorite player and his number.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Color scheme

If to see the summer collections of leading designers, you might get the opinion that color trendy men’s t-shirts is completely copied with the female. But bright shades should not scare a real man, especially when choosing clothes for vacation. Among the current colors:Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

    • Violet hues; dark Teal; orange, but slightly muffled; bleached pink, gray, green, olive; beige, sand, wine.

Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

If these hints seem too bright, you can pick up a trendy t-shirt, painted in the style of Ombre, when one color blends from its darkest shade to bright.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

This season colour mens t-shirts should be bright, flashy, or neutral. Almost all collections are black, white, chocolate and gray. They can be found on the classic men’s plain t-shirts and fashion models with bright prints or inscriptions.


Spring and Summer of 2019 is a special approach of the designers to the choice of materials for sewing fashionable men’s t-shirts. Declared war on synthetics, but ordinary cotton knit is no surprise. That’s why some fashion designers presented their collections of t-shirts made of silk. Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019 Satin models seem unusual, but perfectly suited to the classic pants. As a haircuts for summer silk t-shirt, especially with stand-up collar, replacing the shirt.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Among the more traditional mens t-shirts materials are the favorites of cotton and viscose, as well as more expensive linen or bamboo.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

In fashion and unexpected design solutions, such as the combination of different texture of materials. She shirt can be a knitted, collar or edging sleeveless – flannel, silk or corduroy.

How and what to combine

Shirts Polo are easy to match with any clothes in casual style: Chino, shorts, sports jackets, etc. the Only «but» – it is important to combine colors. Win-win: dark top, light bottom. With the jacket and jacket t-shirt Polo can be one color or maximum contrast. The retro fit Polo shirt with contrast collar, or stripes on the chest, but it must be tucked in. To complement the kit braided leather belt and a soft pair of moccasins.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

If we talk about the casual style overall, the t-shirts are its integral part. Despite the lack of strict rules, while forming a stylish casual look it is important to know how to combine colors and styles. White loose t-shirt mid-length with a deep, but not too much, neckline perfectly complement slacks, chinos or grey, beige, blue straight jeans. This kit is appropriate to wear with suede shoes to match the pants. In cool weather you can throw a classic cardigan or sports jacket of restrained hue.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Wide t-shirt and tops loose-fitting, plain or printed, perfectly complement a narrow black pants made of denim or other thick fabric. Classic jeans and short shorts feel free to combine with t-shirts of this type, complementing the set of sneakers or espadrilles.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Young people can try on the trend of the season-2016 – denim jumpsuit, which need to hide the t-shirt. If the jumpsuit with straps, a t-shirt or t-shirt it is better to choose a spacious, sleeveless, but with my shoulder line. It can be white or black with print, if it can be seen from under denim, pink or turquoise with the effect of «varenkov». Stylish scarf of bright colors and fabric backpack with espadrilles to complete the look.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

But under the jumpsuit, reminiscent of the uniforms of the mechanics, will fit a tight white t-shirt, perhaps with an inscription. A stylish addition will be a bandana or headband on the head, high Velcro sneakers.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

T-shirts are perfectly combined with another trend of the coming summer – short shorts. Some designers at all in favor of the latter suggest no pants even in the office. Shorts can be stitched in the manner of classic trousers of fabric shades or a bold, original prints: Golden yellow, grass, bright blue or dirty pink. These classic shorts should be worn with a Polo tee, plain or with no pronounced ornamentation.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Fans of the bold and extravagant images you can try to make a set of wide and long white t-shirt and black shorts. To complete the look with black Derby shoes or the monkey on his bare feet, leather backpack and hat rounded.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Loose t-shirt with print perfect with denim shorts, cool weather way to complement a bomber jacket. Shoes better to give preference to sports options: gym shoes, sneakers, loafers.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

This spring will be extremely fashionable white cotton pants, slightly cropped and tapered downward. Such a model is better to combine with dark-colored t-shirts. Will fit perfectly in the image of the tank in a slim silhouette made of viscose or black Polo. The perfect shoes for this kit will serve as boots, loafers or moccasins.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Choosing fashionable t-shirt for the summer of 2019, it is important to remember that first and foremost rely on their own preferences, and not on design trends.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Plain t-shirts are always relevant and easily combined with other wardrobe items. Prints and lettering must also correspond to character and to show others the nature of the owner, his views on life.Модные мужские футболки весна-лето 2019

Among the variety of men who this year generously gifted designers, it is possible to select the option t-shirts, which will be beneficial to emphasize the style and shape.