Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Modern men pay to their appearance due attention, they go to the gym, care about nutrition and interested in current trends, forming a stylish wardrobe.

Of course, not all clothes shown on seasons of high fashion, it is possible to apply in practice, often the decision of the designers is difficult to adapt to everyday looks. However, you don’t have to adopt fanciful ideas of the designers – it is enough to understand the stylish trends in men’s fashion and to interpret them correctly.

Display of collections of 2019 showed that the designers understand the needs of men – they present many concise models. In the world of fashion returns three-piece suit, comfortable corduroy clothing for casual bows, stylish jackets and classic coats. Now the designers see men more relaxed – men’s suit gradually gets rid of the excessive strictness of the lines. An indispensable addition to it should be actual turtleneck, which is seriously pressed sweaters and shirts.Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

In fashion, elegance and aristocracy – an undeniable trend of 2019 has become an expensive velvet, massively present in all the segments of men’s fashion. This trend finally moved the fashion to too narrow adolescent pants – modern man is widespread and stylish straight pants and emphasizes their masculinity casually wearing a hat. Consider the peak of the fashion trends of the 2019 read more.

Men’s fashion spring-summer 2019 fashion jackets

Recent fashion shows have demonstrated modern men’s fashion next spring, presenting jackets, 2019. The best spring solution would be a selection of jackets from suede, leather, wool, denim, corduroy, knit or velvet.Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

At fashion shows in men’s collections EN masse presents future fashion trends:

    • Jackets in red and black plaid «tartan». Jackets in the style of «patchwork». Bomber jackets denim. Jackets Western-inspired suede with noodles. Quilted jackets. A biker jacket.

Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

Staying fashionable for several seasons, these models enjoy a great popularity among men.

A new look at familiar things is the use of bright and contrasting color combinations, which replaced the low-key monochrome, as well as the unusual combination of materials: leather and suede, velvet and satin, leather and fur, velvet and leather, knitwear and leather, jeans and leather. Vividly presented these trends in the collections of Versace and Philipp Plein.Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

Men’s fashion in the spring of 2019, becoming more relaxed, actively using applique and embroidery to create the denim, leather, knitted and textile jackets. From fashionable colors, remain relevant camouflage, stripes and landscape motifs and bright prints.

Another new trend of men’s fashion will be jackets with metal gloss, presented Emporio Armani and Diesel Black Gold.Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

Vivid novelty in men’s fashion will make a shorter model, as well as jackets with short sleeves presented collections Calvin Klein Collection, Fendi, Canali, Burberry Prorsum.

Men’s fashion spring-summer 2019: trend men’s trousers

Dramatic changes in men’s fashion is undergoing pants in 2019. Tapered and cropped silhouette give way to a wide and spacious trousers, like men’s fashion 50-ies of XX century. Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Their advantage is practicality and comfort, definitely agree with what the designers presented a new collection of pants for men. Fashion gurus offer to make them a few inches longer than the ankle and in any case not to turn on the outside. Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019The fit of the pants can be low or high. Wearing pants with a high rise it is recommended to do the tucks which will help to visually lengthen your legs, especially if the pants from the leg will shrink. Wide pants will look great straight arrow.Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

A wide style of pants are encouraged to wear not only with a jacket, as part of a costume, but in and of themselves, with a t-shirt, shirt, cardigan, and shoes to choose from — from classic brogues to sneakers in white.

Men’s fashion spring-summer 2019 fashion shorts

In the spring, as soon as the sun warms, become actual shorts for men — fashion spring 2019. It was during this period, designers offer to wear them with a Cape. And in the summer, shorts can be combined with shirts, Polo shirts, t-shirts. Fashionable shorts are:Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

    • Classic. Cropped. Style cargo. Underwear style.

Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

Made from a light fabric of linen or cotton, a bold print or color, they will be actual bows in the spring and summer of 2019.

Men’s fashion spring-summer 2019: denim and youth trends

In the spring and summer season model of the jeans presented by all the designers. At the same time, in the spring, the strong half of mankind it is proposed to combine the light of heaven jeans for men fashion-spring 2019 with dark blue denim shirts. For the summer season designers recommend to choose denim shorts and a simple, no print t-shirt white.Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

The main fashion trends in the upcoming season will be:

    • Jeans with cuffs width 1.5 cm Worn and ripped jeans. Extra long skinny jeans straight style. Jeans casual, moderately wide cut. Jeans with decorative embroidery.

Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

Denim youth fashion 2019 presented in summer season, jeans light blue, sand, lemon yellow and terracotta. In fashion again actualdistance model with a dropped inseam that are used in youth fashion for the rest. They propose to wear with t-shirts with print, a slogan, a mystical symbol.Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

Spring youth jeans can be combined with tweed, velvet, corduroy or knit blazers.

Men’s fashion spring-summer 2019 fashion shirt

As a basic element of the male wardrobe, the shirt is annually undergoes changes corresponding to the latest fashion trends. In the upcoming spring-summer season fashion mens shirts 2019 is diverse and is presented on the runway in several styles:Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

    • Military. Spring shirt-military of thick fabric, with long sleeves and pockets is recommended to complement the single-breasted coat.

Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

    • Office-style. Fashion trend of the season is the white shirt, which should be supplemented with a vest. Marine style. Such popular for several seasons, and summer 2019 no exception. Polo. Current will be the short-sleeved shirts in hot summer time wine shades.

Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019

Another hit of the upcoming season – shirt with a high collar, which combine with sneakers, chains and badges allows you to turn into a stylish street bully.

Three-piece suit for the elegant men of the new 2019 photo

Those who think suits are boring office clothes in the coming season completely changed my opinion. This time the designers have prepared a lot of surprises. Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019If men’s fashion 2019 offered us suits-two, today there are more stylish ensembles, complemented by jackets. They can be decorated with chains or contrasting trim. Modern triples are made by combining a variety of textures and fabrics.

Double-breasted coat new 2019

Classic made is not going to leave the fashion Olympus at the peak was again double-breasted coat concise and precise cut. The latest styles of elegant knee length or just above and are characterized by a rectangular silhouette. Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019The designers decided to use a respectable fabric is a stylish coat is made from drape, wool and tweed. However, this segment begins to penetrate modern luxury — velvet and satin fabric carefully win back his place in the sun. Модная мужская одежда весна – лето 2019Impeccably stylish double breasted coat from Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren. For example, a luxurious coat in a business style offered in the latest collections of Ralph Lauren – the latest trend cell helped designers to create the image of a true English gentleman. And the flamboyant Dolce & Gabbana decided to make a bet on print – black overcoat with floral motifs teetering on the brink between outerwear and Victorian tuxedo.