Модные укладки на каре 2019What is the perfect haircut? It’s the haircut, which is not necessary to put in any special way, and the one hairdresser who knows how to do it – the perfect master. One of such haircuts is the caret, which with proper implementation will not bring its owner any trouble.

Translated from the French carré (carré) is a «square». Hairdressers will take the caret to the hairstyles of medium length, although there are very short variations of this hairstyle. A characteristic feature of a penalty is the clean lines and perfectly even shape.

Distinguish the classical and about the caret. In the first case, the strands are calibrated in such a way that the tips of the hair going out by themselves and don’t require Curling or twisting, in the second case the ends of the hair going outwards.Модные укладки на каре 2019

It is difficult to say who first came up with the caret, because even Queen Cleopatra wore a similar haircut. The most daring fashionistas began short to cut the hair even before the outbreak of the first world war, but it most likely should be regarded as a riot. The real popularity came to her much later. Модные укладки на каре 2019Over time, there are variations of this haircut, for example, variants with elongated front strands, an oval contour or a clear asymmetry. Currently, there are fan clubs haircuts caret and forums where girls discuss her options and share the nuances of installation.

Laying backМодные укладки на каре 2019

Laying «care back»refers to the evening view. Styling is straightforward –distribute the foam laying across the length of the wet hair. With the help of a round brush (round brush) blow dry hair, every strand sucesive ago. Start drying hair from the back.Модные укладки на каре 2019

Separate a small section and the rest of the hair move under the clamp. So, strand by strand, dry all the hair. Shape hair with hands and sprinkle it with varnish. Laying «back» opens the entire face, so be careful that the makeup was done perfectly.

A square with slanted or straight side parting

This hairdo is perfect for formal and casual daytime wear. While the strands must be perfectly smooth, so their laying will need a pad.Модные укладки на каре 2019

Hair should be divided into long, narrow strands, clamped between the two plates of the hair straightener and gently pull it through them. Straighten the hair better with the use of special heat tools. Arm movement should not be too slow, so as not to overheat the hair, but not quick, otherwise the strands will not be flat enough. The ends of the strands should twist to face.Модные укладки на каре 2019

The most whimsical option – styling the caret is parted down the middle. Extra volume to the hair makes the head looks like a puppet, and insufficient –will give them a dirty and greasy look. It is suitable only to owners of the correct facial features. Hair needs to be split in half and separate the strands, straighten strands to the relevant partiesМодные укладки на каре 2019

A square with a slanted parting is suitable for almost everyone. This hairdo perfectly hides the asymmetry of the face and gives it a perky appearance. This option is often done informally, one part Curling strands inward and the second outward. Created styling similar to the previous. Hair on the narrow side parting to align and clean the ear, and on the other hand – processing to align, stack and secure with hairspray.Модные укладки на каре 2019

To make the styling more festive will help headbands, beautiful barrettes, ribbons, and bright headbands.

Stacking four of a kind curler: creating romantic curls

The classic version of evening styling – Bob with curls. It does not take much time, but the hair will be stylish and elegant, appropriate for any event. It may be performed with the help of curlers or tongs.Модные укладки на каре 2019

The hair need to apply a little mousse. They should be moist, but not wet. They are wound on the curler the desired diameter and dried with a Hairdryer. After complete cooling the strands need to scratch the comb with a few teeth and fix the varnish. Модные укладки на каре 2019

Laying the tongs to be applied on dry hair using a thermal protection for hair. The heating temperature of the Curling iron should be selected in accordance with the structure and type of hair. Once hair is completely cool they should be fixed with varnish.

Romantic bundle

One option for styling the caret is a romantic beam. Make it very easy, you need only wind the hair on curlers, put them in the tail to lift up, to fix free beam using pins and spray lacquer. The image is sweet and romantic. Модные укладки на каре 2019Модные укладки на каре 2019Модные укладки на каре 2019

If you want to create a strict way the strands can not be screwed more tightly and tuck them into a bun, leaving a small tip on the outside of the locks or remove them altogether.Модные укладки на каре 2019

Even if the caret is already grown, do not run to the hairdresser, each of the above ways of styling it is suitable for the long hair.Модные укладки на каре 2019

Take care of your hair, use only high-quality styling products, do a hydrating mask, and eat vitamin-rich food, and your quads will always be beautiful, shiny and well-groomed.

The tips out

Hairstyle with bent tips will refresh everyday. Модные укладки на каре 2019The hair is dried with a Hairdryer as usual, but the ends pull the brush outwards. Finished hair clips with wax or varnish.

More volume

Body styling the caret is suitable for those whom nature has not given you a thick and lush head of hair. Styling looks good on the blonde as their hair often lacks volume. Модные укладки на каре 2019Модные укладки на каре 2019To create voluminous styling you do not need special skills and tools. Prepare the foam, a Hairdryer and a round brush.

Zigzag hair parting

Модные укладки на каре 2019

To achieve the effect of density, the stylists came up with a little trick – parting is in the form of a zigzag. Of course, this hairdo will require a little more time than with oblique or direct priborchikom, but the outcome is well worth the effort.

Curly quads

Caret styling curls – the classic version of evening styling. Модные укладки на каре 2019Such a blow will not take much time and will look appropriate at any gala event. Laying can be done using curlers or Curling tongs hair.

Originally from the 60’s

This season stylists as if by agreement, released on the catwalk models with very curvy hairstyles. Some designers put an emphasis on the 40-60 years, bringing retro style into fashion this season. Модные укладки на каре 2019 Someone of the designers decided to not just dream up the theme of the volume, creating a bizarre balls of hair collected in a tail. Model Badgley Mischka surprised everyone with their lush, curled locks, which resembled a riot at the pasta factory.

How to put caret

To the styling was beautiful, neat and durable, you first need to properly prepare the hair for it. First you need to wash them using familiar products (shampoo, conditioner, balm). If the hair is clean, they just need to thoroughly moisten. Washed hair should be wet towel. Rubbing them strongly not recommended because when wet they are very vulnerable and easily injured.Модные укладки на каре 2019

On the dried strands apply a styling product, the type of which depends on the type and the structure of the hair and styling. It could be mousse, gel, foam, wax or texturizing spray. Choosing means you also need to assess the condition of your hair and choose accordingly, mousse, gel, etc. for coloured, damaged, greasy, or normal hair.

As for tools, styling the caret is needed:

    • Hair dryer; tongs or curlers; flat irons; round brush; an ordinary comb with frequent teeth.

Модные укладки на каре 2019

If after the installation you will need to fix the result with hair spray, spraying it must be at a distance of 20 cm from the surface of the hair.Модные укладки на каре 2019

How to style your hair? It all depends on face shape, hair texture and haircuts. This can be a laying back, laying with direct or oblique parting, create romantic curls and even the formation of a mischievous beam on the head.