Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Any haircut will look differently each time, if you can learn it in a different style. With styling you can greatly dilute their schedules and every day to look different.

Short haircuts this year can be laid in the style of a lung disorder. This hairstyle is easy to create with a hair dryer, a mousse and a diffuser attachment. Hair one length will look great, if you straighten them with a straightening iron and make a side parting. Romantic curls still relevant.


Invented this type of short hairstyle has been the famous British stylist Vidal Sassoon for more than fifty years ago and immediately became a rage because the British hairdresser, whose genius was recognized even by contemporary masters, managed to invent a brand new technique of cutting. If the ordinary hairstyles can keep the form only at the expense of Polish, brush or Curling, the owners of CESSON was enough to wash my hair, dry hair and a little shake of the head – hair from beautifully placed in the right direction and remained so for the whole day.Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

Such an excellent effect was achieved by an English wizard by the use of natural elasticity of hair. Vidal Sassoon for the first time in the history of hair design abandoned the clipper on the comb comb instead of using only their fingers. However, he adhered strictly to the developed a technique of calibration that involves simply extract the desired angle of the cut and careful selection of the height of the strands.Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

In 2017, naturalness, mobility and zest of CESSON caused not only by their haircuts, but also some features that have been added to «freshen» the classic: long strands that are located directly at the person, severe or barely noticeable asymmetry of the hairstyles and partial thinning. In this peculiar CESSON rounded-square shape should remain unchanged.

Classic styling

Clippers stage or in the style of a Bob with a hair dryer, round brush slightly dried hair and waxing allocated to individual strands and bangs. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Tighten up their brushing or pulling in the desired direction.


Looks very impressive on short hair long lasting styling (Carling). It allows you to create a permanent Foundation for styling that does not require additional effort in the home. Your haircut is always stylish and attractive. An additional advantage of this method is that such laying almost does not injure the hair, and does not create the undesirable effect of «regrown all», which is particularly obvious on short hair. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

In addition, the technology of Carling involves the use of a variety of restorative, strengthening and protective equipment. This ensures that your hair will always be strong, shiny and healthy. An experienced stylist will tell you how to care for hair at home, and will recommend everything you need in this case is caring and protective cosmetic products.Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

Using long-term placement you can become the owner not only romantic curls or naughty curls, but soft waves and lush curls. For gentle hair styling the long-term is about 10 weeks without needing frequent correction.

Tousled hair

Sports styling «hedgehog» for very short hair. Will look great «hedgehog» with a touch of negligence. Apply styling foam to damp hair put your head down and dry the hair. So you will get the necessary volume. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019 Now apply on your fingers a little wax and highlight individual strands of hair, lifting them up. Strands at the forehead can be left smooth, and the hairs on the back of the head mess – hair will be bold and very modern.

Bangs to the side

The fringe, combed diagonally, suitable to all girls, regardless of face shape. It not only helps to create a unique eye-catching image, but also removes or smooths out the flaws of the exterior. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019 Modern styling with side bangs can make the face is too round to oval, square – round, narrow, slightly expanded. Options bangs a lot, they vary depending on face shape and hair type.

Laying with a nozzle on the hair dryer

Another simple way to create voluminous hairstyles with your own hands is a Hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019For this, apply to wet hair heat tool, and then dry them evenly twirling on the soft «fingers» of the diffuser

The volume by using curlers

To create a lush, romantic curls on short hair at home it is best to use hot rollers. Unlike long hair, which they manage to quickly and evenly cool down, the short strands will quickly get the desired amount without any problems. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Simply twist slightly damp hair into the curler, and after removing apply hair styling gel and dry with a Hairdryer.

Allocated to individual strands

If you wish to style your hair in waves, but rather to straighten them expressive and to emphasize individual spun, it is best to use for this pad. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019 To do this, apply on dried hair styling foam, and then «walk» on them with the iron, carefully straightening each strand of hair in downward direction.

Lush fleece

To create a festive styling used on the other side. It is suitable for any hair type, lift even very soft and thin strands. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019If you have short hair, necesas the hair on the back of your head, you will get fashionable, modern and voluminous hair. It is important when creating this styling stick action perform all actions correctly in order not to harm the hair.

Business style

Styling short hair in a business style combed to the side with curls. Make a side parting and safesite hair to the side, using gel. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Hair will be strict and restrained, and will not distract from the main tasks at business negotiations.

Styling romantic

Create a romantic hairstyle will help styling tongs. Curl Curling only at the tips of the hair, podrachivaya them out, and fasten lacquer. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Highlight side part and put on a thin headband or clip hair from his forehead with a barrette.

Hairstyle in retro style

Suitable for girls with wavy short curls. Creative and original will look of hairstyles, which use vintage 20’s — 60-ies, for example, laying a rim of fabric or lace ribbon. Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019To get your hair retro waves, use lacquer for easy fixing, a comb with teeth, the metal clamps. With a comb to create waves, secure them with the clamps, apply varnish. When curls are dry, remove the clips.Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

Headbands for short hairstyles

Elastic bandages are more convenient than the hoops. They are not under pressure, well kept short hair and come in all types: thin, wide, woven, flat, fabric, leather, thread. Often bandage is adorned with large brooches or decorative inserts.Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

The Bohemian style will fit well braided headband braid leather laces or multi-colored bands. You can wear a bandage a little above the line of the bangs, and if it is long – to the middle of the forehead.Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

Tip: it is advisable to create volume at the crown, slightly necessav hair to hair did not look flat.

Short styling with a Hoop

At the moment the popular hoops two types: the thin, delicate bands with a minimum of decoration or smooth, and massive, eye-catching hoops with flowers, leaves, large brooches, etc. it is Possible to combine this accessory with the hair: take the hair up, hold the belt, and on the top of the head and backcomb to create volume.Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

But if you like hoops with flowers, remember that oversized accessory fits suitable lush hairstyle with curls or slightly tousled strands.Модные укладки на короткие волосы 2019

Tip: will look beautiful hoops of contrasting hair color, so brunette it is better to choose light or white wrap, and blonde