Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Earrings are not only beautiful decoration but also the accessory that can complete the image, be it a highlight or even the Central element. In the spring and summer season 2019 this necklace has allocated a special place in the collections of all famous Fashion houses.

It should be noted that the main tendency among the decorations is a punch and solidity. Long, oversized and bright earrings are back in fashion, and it is time to lay down in the casket overexposed double pearl Dior and go in search of the new stylish earrings.

Fashionable earrings and cuffs 2019

In 2018-2019 actual original long earrings and cuffs. When you create a massive ornaments for women’s ears pendants designers use different colors, textures and sizes.Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Earrings are the first place bright accessories this year. 2018-2019 fashion jewelry, especially earrings, the bigger the better. Earrings should be massive, with the obligatory stones, bright flashy colors.


Kaffa is a type of earrings, which you can try even for not pierced ears. Cuffs have a Crescent shape and a «hook» for the upper part of the ear. Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Complemented by pendants or chains, and cuffs adorn the lugs, and the neck is fashionable evening option. The advantage of this type of jewelry that the ear does not suffer under the weight of decorative elements.

Earrings with large stones

Large stones: agate, opal, cat’s eye, agate — green variety rhinestone, decorate the ears are not only adult women but also young girls.Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Earrings are meant to decorate the delicate female ears. However, their purpose does not end there. Specialists in psychology believe that with the help of these women can reveal their inner essence.Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Therefore, if your inner world is similar to the raging ocean, allow him at least occasionally released in the form of bright, bright, large ornaments, which in this warm season has kindly offered to wear Kenzo, J Crew, Oscar de la Renta and other trendsetters. Модные серьги весна-лето 2019However, to abuse such products is also not necessary, because such bulky accessories hardly able to hold on to fragile ears.

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Long earrings

Model impressive length of steel hit of the season. While in their decor there are no limitations. For this reason you can safely purchase the earrings with stones of pure metal, tassel, sparkling crystals, or simply a thin long strands with a pendant made of gold, silver or platinum. Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Long earrings can adjust the shape of the face and will be an indispensable tool when creating evening looks.Модные серьги весна-лето 2019


Boho and decorative elements in the ethnic style is firmly and permanently entrenched in the minds of fashion designers. Of course, the impact is not only on clothes but also on the decorations in full. Please note the earrings in the form of tassels of colored yarn, decorated with barrels made of wood, ceramic beads, feathers, pendants of bone or light metal. Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Earrings-brushes can be fitted and crystals, making them a great option «exit». Remember, this season, size matters. Select pieces are larger.

Natural stones

Jewelry with stones in their original form — the sweetheart of many fashionistas. Unfortunately, earrings of gems often mistaken for a manifestation of the lack of taste and cravings for «old» jewelry. Now, thanks to the Guru of the fashion world, such statements have the answer. Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Raw stones are used in many collections, and therefore, by default, are something stylish and popular. Like all in the autumn-winter season, earrings with stones should be long. Try not to wear such jewelry all the time, because gems are very heavy and can injure your ears.

Metal and geometry

Another trend for the cold season — earrings geometric shapes. Here the designers did not hold back his imagination. Balls, rings, rectangles look flashy and elegant. Will fit these products for daily wear or attending social events. Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Модные серьги весна-лето 2019 In contrast to the jewelry of the proper shape, the designers presented abstract earrings. The latter is made of metal, which seemed to be frozen in melting, and not taking the necessary shape. Despite the simplicity and a certain coarseness of such jewelry look exquisite and is quite suitable for the evening as well.

Single earring

Fashion single earring is also rapidly gaining popularity. The designers insist that they should be worn on one ear. One such option was presented on the catwalks of Paris, new York, Milan and London. Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Модные серьги весна-лето 2019Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

This accessory must have incredible brightness and showiness. A special requirement is that the shape of jewelry, it can be a geometric shape, a bird’s wing or, for example, the moon, etc. If you have an accessory whose pair is lost, you can easily to wear it again, because it is the trend this season

With different sets

Different earrings — the trend is quite controversial. Fashion asymmetrical lines affected and decorations. Only here in this case, brands have not played with the forms and with quantity. As you can see, for example, Loewe, Coach, Victor Alfaro and Au Jour le Jour.Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Now earrings can be worn only in one ear or and does for each individual ear to use the products of very different couples.

That is why, if you can not decide which earrings to wear today, feel free to wear those and others. This trend will also appeal to those who can not be comforted in the loss of one earring. It is unlikely that this trend will last for a long time, and buy different earrings, the more expensive, can only people for whom fashion is «everything.»Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

But if you have different sets of earrings in the same style or, as an option, you insure and purchase two sets in order to wear them by themselves, can be quite trendy in the autumn-winter 2018-2019. Best choice – a long and short earrings in a unified manner.

Mirror sparkling earrings

Someone striving for minimalism and is of the opinion that in our time it is not necessary to Shine and decorate yourself with lots of sparkling stones, while others still love the glitter and sparkle. It is for these girls in the summer of 2019 designers offer mirrored earrings.

Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Such earrings in the summer, you can wear both day and night. Day bright sunlight will let sunshine and attract attention to you, and in the evening and at night, artificial light will create an evening sparkle.Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

If you look at the earrings in the collections of the summer of 2019, it becomes clear – the design and size of jewelry is a negligible value, the main thing that the earrings sparkled and shone the mirror surface.Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

Many fashion Houses make beautiful clothes and luxurious bags, but the decorations they have are worthless. They make earrings made of questionable materials, which they sell for the price of real gold and even more expensive. Therefore, the thinking fashionista’s prefer to study the fashion trends from the collections of famous brands, and buy those items that manage to combine luxurious materials, the best quality and most favorable price.

Модные серьги весна-лето 2019

It is not necessary to buy the mirror earrings are made of glass or plastic, in the jewelry collections of lesser-known brands you can find gold and silver earrings, where the polished surface is shiny, almost like a mirror. The gold always remains gold, over it are not imperious fashion, and even time, gold will outlive even our civilization, because it is eternal…