Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019There is probably no women who don’t like or wear jewelry. From the earliest years of any woman are not averse to decorate yourself with elegant earrings, brilliant bracelets, fine brooches or delicate chains. — Designed and stylish decoration can liven up even the most conservative way, giving it flair and originality.

Modern selection of jewelry and quality fashion jewelry provides fashionable ample opportunities in order to look appropriate at any event or in everyday life. Gold and silver jewelry, metal necklace, leather and wood products are an essential element of any business image or bow in the style of grunge, casual or boho.

Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019However, like any other fashion segment, the rules of wearing jewelry and their appearance are subject to an annual change. Here in 2019 to replace the old trends came brand new trends, attention to which will allow every woman to be unique and beautiful. Let’s see, what should I consider when choosing decorations in the new fashion year, we determine the most significant trends in «jewelry» and accessories, as well as find out current trends.

Current trends spring-summer 2019:


In the classic sense of a trivial population chokers — rude dog leather, so beloved by punks and bikers. However, any member of the fashion community will tell you that under the choker means any choker, tightly grasping the throat. It may be a ribbon with suspension, futuristic jewelry made of metal or a bunch of strings.Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

Whichever model of chalker you choose, you can be confident in your excellent sense of style, in fact, this accessory has become one of the top in the autumn and winter season. It’s nice that varieties of necklaces huge lot. This will allow you to select the right model for any outfit. Besides, chokers incredibly seductive and emphasize the beauty and elegance of the neck.

Large necklace

Weightless decoration in the form of threads lost its relevance a couple of seasons ago. Of course, we are not talking about the jewelry made of precious metals. Diamonds on a thin snake — a classic of the genre. Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

But all kinds of costume jewelery necklaces needs to be catchy, large, bright and memorable. So like everything else in trend ethnic motifs, note the necklace in the form of Aztec figures. Decoration with floral details will give the autumn and winter bow special charm.


Perhaps beads is one of the most ancient ornaments. Beautiful strands of coral and pearl, are described in hundreds of books. It is not surprising that in our time ladies of all ages are required to have in their box a few vans.Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

You should purchase large beads made of natural stones or colored cubic Zirconia. Actual coral, amber. Pearl was awarded the special honour and was a kind of stone season. Mineral adorn not only jewelry, but also decorate them with items of clothing.Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

The necklace of pearls can be in the form of a continuous filament or supplemented charmane and suspensions. To wear jewelry it is possible by itself or bundled with similar beads. The latter must be of different lengths and, preferably, differ in decor.


Large pendants on long chains are perfectly suited to the warm clothes and closed can easily add to the image some highlights. Choose robust model of the form which is most suitable for you to create a different life. Note the suspension in the form of a brush of leather or metal chains. Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

What kind of jewelry will complement a boho outfit. Big hangers look great in combination with short chains, shoelaces, belts and even chokers. One of the hits of the season were hangers with inserts of fur. Such decoration is perfect for a cold period and will help create a warm, Flirty look.Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019


Necklace in chains with large links is useful for creating any bows. Deliberately massive, they are perfectly emphasize the elegance of evening wear or would be a great addition to casual look.Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

Is it acceptable to wear several such necklaces at the same time. However, it is necessary to vary at least the thickness of the circuit. The suspensions on these decorations it is better not to hang. Otherwise you risk to look like a ghetto inhabitant from any sarcastic American film.

Articles of precious metals

Chain of gold, silver or platinum hardly ever go out of fashion. Elegant decorations, indicating a certain wealth, can equally emphasize the sense of style or the absence of its owner. Remember, it is best to choose the set of products of the same metal and the same color. Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019 Avoid too many large chains. Note that in addition to the latter, there is a huge variety of necklaces, which look much more stylish, are durable and more exclusivity. Combine products with suspensions of gems or decorative enamel.


As exhibit a shows the upcoming season, at the peak of popularity will be the collars in the form of a necklace. Decorations are sewn directly to fabric or imposed on it ready elements, forming a massive top. Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Suitable option – blouses & blouse of a thin fabric, plain dresses or with a minimum of color. On the crest of fashion, and the combination of jewelry, shoes with delicate matters. Such decors sometimes look like collars, aggressive women, and sometimes like a halo, accidentally moved down down. It all depends on the thickness of the embellished collar.

Trend: Rhinestones and stones

Crystals and inclusions of semi-precious stones again in favor with Bottega Veneta, Erdem, Marni and Ralph Lauren – each millimeter of metal studded with a scattering of glittering particles or stones rough-cut. Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019For example, Ralph Lauren has presented jewelry with large bright stones, a perfect match to the hue of the dresses, Dries Van Noten and Bottega Veneta was decorated by a ring emphasized the large natural stones. Among the established favorites are turquoise, mother of pearl, sapphires, Topaz, jade and lapis lazuli.


They should be worn in several rows – one thread in the future season is not enough. Pearl beads in at least two-three rows on top of a thin sweater or blouse. Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019 Very long threads are welcome too, but in evening dresses. This trend dates back to the 60-th years of the last century. Not excluded combined with the fur trim, which also will be the trend.

Massive ethnic jewelry

Indian, African, Scythian motifs have walked on fashion shows, giving some of the accessories mystery and uniqueness. They are pretty massive, so try to incorporate them in a simple ensemble, and you’ll notice how to transform your image. The materials from which they are made – gold and silver give the impression that the decoration has just donated a Scythian priestess. Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019

Sophisticated, brilliant accessories can be found on the show, Celine, Louis Vuitton showed interesting decorations in the form of keys, next in our list are triangular model from Saint Laurent and necklace from Maiyet. Speaking about gold accessories, mention should be made of the Moschino show, where all the gold accessories were overly large, and the conglomeration of chains, necklaces, etc. looked awesome in one image. Модные цепочки, колье, бусы 2019 Examples of the unusual design also need to call the cutting medallions from Versace. The best way to cheer up is to embellish reality. Purchased new necklace or pendant will not only improve mood, complement and accentuate your favorite image and personality style, but also inspire new experiments and change in life.