Are you one of those people who like to own archaic things that tell tales of years gone by?

Do you find yourself shopping for timeworn pieces of stuff?

If you are a home-decor enthusiast and want to one-up your vintage game, we suggest you purchase a vintage rug, that will not only serve the purpose of being a part of your unique ancient collection but will also give your home a more “ back in the day” aura.

If you want to pursue you newly acquired love for vintage rugs, let us guide you to a smooth start. Also, you can easily find one of the premium vintage rugs on online rug sale.

First things first, almost every vintage lover confuses antique rugs with vintage rugs. There are two different types of rugs. While antique rugs are over a century old, any rug with age more than two or three-decade is termed as a vintage rug. 

Let’s start by talking about  the various vintage rug styles:

  • Overdyed:

Do you love Oriental rugs designs and texture, but are not a fan of to too many colors, then the overdyed rug is the ideal choice for you. As the name suggests, these rugs are dyed to give them a soft, toned down color look. The washed out depth of these rugs have made them everyone’s favorite.

  • Moroccan:

One of the most popular vintage rugs, Moroccan rug is not just one rug but a collective term for all the rugs, being made in this country for decades and centuries, the color and pattern of which yells about the tribe that made it.

  • Oushak:

Characterised by their coarse weave, Oushak area plush rugs, made in pastel colors and are often found with a center medallion fun patterned border.

Other famous vintage rugs are kilim, chador, Agra and Swedish, each famous and bought for their distinctive features be it the design, color, weaving techniques. You should keep into account these three critical aspects before purchasing a vintage rug:

Country of Origin:

Most of the vintage rugs would be from countries where rug main is not a commercial feat, but a tradition passed on to generations like Turkey. Oriental rugs and Persian rugs are some of the world renowned vintage rugs.

Fade Authenticity:

 Don’t fret if you see botched or fades at random places in these treasured rugs. Fading is a characteristics feature of vintage rugs. The irregularities in the weaving and random patches and fades are tell-tale signs of a rug’ good life. But be careful, since some sellers can dupe you with their technique of making a rug look like a vintage rug, by acid washing.


Every vintage rug will be either homemade or handspun, never machine-made.  The premium quality vintage rug will be from handspun yarn. Carefully look at the thickness, texture, and authenticity. Handspun yarn rugs will have abrash irregularities, an impact resulting from being dyed in small batches.

If you are of the thought that vintage rugs are cost-intensive, then allow us to burst your bubble. Vintage rugs are one of the most budget and environment-friendly decor items. You can purchase vintage rugs from credible sellers that have put up online rugs for sale. You will be surprised and overwhelmed to find a variety of beautiful pieces at a reasonable price.

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