This is a sponsored post on behalf of Uber. 

Only one day left to get your last minute Valentine’s Day gifts. 

Eery year for Valentine’s Day we as a little family  we ususalky go out in a date the day before or after Valentine’s Day because hubs works on all special ocassions and holidays. We try to make our special days memorable for the kids and experience things we as kid never experienced.  We will utilize uberX to celebrate this special occasion, scheduling our right in advance so we can ease right into our adventure.

When we go out locally we sometimes use Uber, because it’s much easier to handle both kids and to focus more on us as a family. When we travel to another city like Los Angeles & San Diego, we get to stay in a hotel somewhere and schedule a ride with Uber X to quickly move around the city with two energetic kiddos. 

Taking some time off and enjoying family night on this special ocassions is the best you can do for the family. We were able to go take the kids to Monster Jam, had some dinner in Anaheim, and stroll around the city with the help of Uber. I dislike having to deal with traffic and enjoying the little moments is best than to struggle with driving. 

How do you spend Valentines Day with your kiddos or gals?! Do you use Uber X to take you around the city for special ocassions? 


Agoda WW