Wall lamps, also known as sconces, are stylish accessories that can really make a space glow. There are many uses for a wall lamp, even though they might not to mind right away. Think of it as a table lamp but on the wall. A sconce is great because it takes up zero space on the counter, table, desk or floor.

However, this also means that you’ll be sacrificing the flexibility that comes with most lamps. Most lamps for bedroom, office or living room spaces are appreciated for this detail. In other words, you won’t be able to just move the sconce wherever you feel like it. Instead, you’ll need to think carefully where you want to install it. But enough with that. Let’s have a look at some wonderful designs that you can choose from.

It’s important to figure out what style you should adopt when selecting the lighting fixtures for a space. Let’s say, for instance, that you want something with a little bit of industrial flair and a with a strong modern vibe. There’s no better place to go looking for designs in than Bert Frank, a company with experience in this particular combination of styles. This is one of their wall lamps.

A while ago we came across some really cool and really elegant and glamorous wall sconces and we wanted to share them with you so here they are all displayed together. The first one on the left is the Brubeck wall light with a design that’s obviously inspired by the pipe organ. This gives it a sculptural look and makes it a bit extravagant. The one on the right is the Coltrane wall light with a design inspired by jazz music. It has an architectural look with some wonderfully glamorous features. In between these two is the Galliano fixture which is also inspired by jazz music.

With deep roots in the style of the 1960’s, the Piazzolla sconce puts together two aluminum cones and has a dynamic and quirky look. This particular lamp was actually used in the Man Men TV series which makes it quite famous. Of course, if you want something customized to your particular preferences, you can request a custom made version.

With its graphical design, the Clay sconce is suited for most modern-industrial interior designs and decors but also for a variety of other spaces. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile designs out there. Don’t be fooled by its geometric form and clean lines. It can look amazing in pretty much any type of space you have in mind.

Try to look past the gorgeous table lamps which, by the way, we covered in a different article, and have a look at the two wall sconces that frame them. It’s a pair of Hendrix lamps and in case the name didn’t already give it away, they’re inspired by the famous Jimi Hendrix who inspired the world with his music. The actual design of the lamps is inspired by vinyl records.

The Empire State building is the inspiration behind the Empire collection which includes a glamorous chandelier but also these famous wall sconces. With fixtures like these you can make any space look exquisite. Their designs are powerful without looking opulent or overwhelming.

If you want a sconce that looks sophisticated but is also simple and versatile, perhaps the Burj lamp is the one for you. It combines gold-plated brass with handmade crystal glass tubes and the result is a really elegant design that brightens up the space in a very elegant fashion. Consider such an accent piece for spaces such as the hallway or the bathroom.

Is it a ribbon, is it a sconce or is it a piece of art? Actually, it’s a little bit of everything. This is the Chloe sconce. Its design undulates very much like a ribbon. It has a hammered finish which gives it a cool texture and thanks to the unusual form and the soft glow of the light, the sconce can double as a decorative piece in a way similar to a sculpture or a piece of artwork.

The intricacy of the Botanica sconce is pretty amazing. The design, as the name suggests, is nature-inspired. However, the materials used send a pretty different message. The sconce has petals made of metal with finishes in brass, oxidized gold, nickel or copper. It has be matte or glossy and it can also have a brushed finish. All the versions are enchanting.

Ochre offers some pretty wonderful light fixtures too. Two of them are featured here. The wall on the left holds the Damselfly sconce. The inspiration for its design is the insect with the same name. The sconce has a frame made of solid cast bronze which is also available with a satin nickel finish. The second fixture is the Celestial Pebble Light which is very similar to a pendant lamp. The different is that it can be attached to the wall. It has an adjustable metal chain and a matching back plate.

If you’re going for a whimsical look, then you must definitely check out the Pandore wall lamp. It has 12 small lights hidden beneath lots and lots of small round discs. The discs form an uneven shape that spreads on the wall and the lights project beautiful shadows creating a wonderful play of lights.

It doesn’t look like any other wall sconce we’ve seen but that’s because it’s not meant to be ordinary. The Dr No wall lamp is designed by Aurélie Trémolières and also comes in a table lamp version. It has a simple design with a rectangular panel that covers the light source. The rounded corners soften its harsh look. You can find in several different colors.

You can either use it as a table lamp or as a wall sconce and, as this particular configuration suggests, you can also put several of these things together to create eye-catching clusters and designs on your walls. We’re talking about the Etty fixture created by Verter Turroni for il laboratorio dell’imperfetto. It gives off warm and soft light and it’s meant to mimic the glow of the moon.

Remember those classical table lamp shades made of fabric and slightly resembling a bucket with a skirt on? That image comes to mind when we look at the Betty wall lamp from Gianfranco Ferré Home. Its frame is made of brass and iron and the shade is made of ivory pleated fabric.  The design is a combination of vintage and modern with just the right balance of styles.

Wall sconces such as the Briggs or Berling are simply perfect for the bathroom. They;re slender and they sit flush with the wall. They’re particularly great when placed on either side of the bathroom mirror. This is a much better option than having a single lamp directly above the mirror. The shadows it casts are unflattering.

Claire Obscure is a wall lamp that looks like a stylish and modern reflector. The lamp is designed by Philippine Lemaire and it provides indirect lighting, being equipped with two LED ribbons that give off 1600 lumens. The warm white light is pleasant and subtle. There are two ways to install the lamp. It can either be wired directly into the wall or plugged into a socket.

If you feel like your living room, bedroom or office could use some accent lighting, lamps are always a good option. But instead of wasting space with a floor or table lamp perhaps a wall sconce would be better. Check out Awabi by Toshiyuki Kita. The interesting thing about it is the shade made from washi paper. It’s attached to the metal frame with magnets. The sconce can either be wired into the wall or plugged into a socket which offers the flexibility needed in a lot of cases.

The YOYWall is a lamp unlike any other you’ve ever seen. It’s designed by YOY Studio and it doesn’t have a lampshade. Instead, it actually projects its own virtual lampshade on the wall. It stands and it looks unusual, perhaps being the simplest wall lamp ever. The design plays with optical illusions and uses light in the most unexpected way.

It looks like a hat but it’s actually a lamp. We’re talking about the Jeeves Wall Lamp by Jake Phipps. The design is a combination of great British tradition and modern technology. The lamp, a Bowler hat, is made of felt and it has an aluminum inner shell which disperses the light and gives the lamp an eye-catching look.

What you see here is an installation that combines several individual Cell sconces. As the name suggests, this is a wall lamp with a familiar form. Its geometry is simple but also eye-catching. The cool thing about the Cell is that it can either be used as a standalone lamp or in groupings to form intricate and dramatic installations. It looks amazing either way.

While most wall sconces or lamps have a single shade, the Base has two. That’s because it’s actually a pair of lamps, not just one. It combines a cast iron base with two shades that can either have a smooth brass finish or a highly polished copper finish. Either way, the contrast is there. The Base collection also include matching floor and table lamp versions.

The inspiration behind the design of the Light Forest were climbing plants, more exactly the beautiful way in which they grow across walls and ceilings and form intricate patterns. In this scenario, the rods/ pipes are the stems of the plants and the lampshades are the delicate flowers.

When the light is off you can’t really see the bulb. However, turn the light on and the whole design of the Mona sconce changes in an instant. Designed by Lucie Koldova for Brokis, the lamp has a blown glass shades which incorporates the light source in a really unusual way, revealing the tension and the smoothness of the connection between it and the shade.

You could easily mistake this wall lamp with a kite and that’s actually a compliment which shows just how accurate and well-designed it is. The lamp is designed by Élise Fouin and is called Cerf Volant which actually translates as “kite”. The design is simple, elegant and very versatile. You can position the lamp at any angle using the mechanism that comes with it.

Similar to the Kite sconce, the Arrow lamp has a simple, geometric form and it brings like and dynamism into the space. This is a design by Hervé Langlais. The lamp stands out with its elegant geometry and its smooth and delicate accent light. You can position at various different angles and in a variety of different spaces and environments.

If you need even more inspiration so you can find the perfect sconce or wall lamp for the space you have in mind, perhaps you can find what you need in one of the collections from Lahumiere Design. They include a variety of cool and modern designs such as these geometric ones.

These funky lamps come from Pedrali. They could easily fool someone into thinking that they’re floor lamp when in fact they’re missing a solid base and they’re mounted on the wall. You can have a lot of fun playing with these models and you can create all sorts of interesting decors and configurations using them.

The In The Tube collection by architect Dominique Perrault and the designer Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost is meant to be highly original, unbreakable and timeless. The sconces are designed for indoor and outdoor use and both versions are highly durable. They come in several sizes and colors.

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