Fabulous originality and inventiveness has gone into the creation of this extraordinary house design. Visualised by UDesign, this house is not only a luxury home but a work of art. From the outside entryway of the home with its dramatically aligned trees to the explosion of colour that awaits behind the door, this unique residence is designed for someone who loves to entertain, to impress, and who revels in the joys and discoveries of art. The tropical landscape also plays a major role within the superb interior, where it taps up against edge-to-edge windows and translates into sculptural indoor plants. The greenery joins a powerful palette of brights that paint energised and uplifting settings throughout.

The massive luxury house exterior cuts crisp white linear volumes through a green tropical landscape. At the front of the house, mature palm trees sprout tall to seek the sunlight, and a majestic mountain behind the house scrapes the clear blue sky.

The palm trees march two by two in a towering parade toward the front entrance of the home. The modern house exterior commands the plot with a bold symmetrical form, which is cut through with huge expanses of clear glass that lighten its bulk.

A massive multicoloured art piece dominates the luxurious living room, where it inspires the colour palette of an unusual selection of lounge furniture. A fabulous sofa design lays a sculptural tangle of bright fuschia out across a lounge area by the fireplace. Ochre accent chairs wing the yellow flames of a lengthy modern fireplace.

The property is largely transparent, which makes it a challenge to deduce exactly where the tropical garden ends and the extraordinary interior begins. The indoor-outdoor style ensures that all rooms enjoy the beautiful view, a key aspect of the property.

A mesmerising gold chandelier whirls across the ceiling of the double height living room, like fallen leaves picked up on the wind.

Enormous glass doors draw back to adjoin the living room with the pool terrace. Two fresh white sofas furnish the outdoor living space, set upon matching bold black and white chevron rugs. Royal blue scatter cushions complete the eye-catching ensemble.

Another indoor lounge area is furnished with coordinating blue lounge chairs. ​​Two curved sofas round out the seating plan.

In the luxurious dining room, a fuschia flocked gorilla gazes out onto the tropical environment. A spectacular stretch of book-matched marble colours the wall by a clean white modern dining set.

Twin dining room chandeliers sparkle along the full length of the table.

Modern upholstered dining chairs accommodate a dinner party of eight. A focal art piece is embedded into the dining room wall and beautifully lit around its gold perimeter.

Behind the dining room’s dividing wall, a wine room unfolds. Huge wine storage cabinets keep the wine collection under temperature control.

Two tufted sofas and a contemporary white settee close around a TV wall.

Ceramic planters house a plethora of mature indoor plants, Mother Nature’s own sculptural masterpieces.

Golden decor elements weave a luxe accent theme throughout the home that lustre in the influx of sunlight.

Five gold stemmed swivel bar stools line up at a long marble kitchen island, with five coordinated pendant lights to illuminate each spot.

A recessed track light draws around the kitchen pendant lights over the island, and covers the kitchen prep area at the back of the room to ensure ample task lighting. A gorgeous marble backsplash extends all the way to the ceiling.

In the grand master suite, two unique bedroom pendant lights descend above a pair of pedestal bedside tables. Glamorous wall panelling creates an artistic feature wall of botanical beauty in front of the ensuite bathroom, which is accessed via open doorways on either side.

The wall treatment is repeated at the other side of the room, around a bedroom lounge area. At the foot of the ​​upholstered bed, an end of bed bench looks out upon the view over the terrace.

Over in the bedroom seating area, four comfortable lounge chairs are dressed with rich burgundy accent pillows to tie in with the colours in the botanical wall treatment. A low circular coffee table creates a core for the round seating arrangement. See more round coffee tables here.

A sculptural bathtub forms the hero piece of the luxury bathroom design. Dark orbs bubble from the sides of the modern slipper bath, mysteriously reflecting the light and the room. Black glass doors obscure two private WCs on either side of a double shower enclosure, where huge rainfall showerheads glow with soothing colour-changing LED light.

Swathes of white marble cover the bathroom floor, walls and shower wet zone. A piece of colourful wall art breaks the monochrome palette. A modern ceiling-mounted towel rail echoes the vertical linear format of the bold artwork.

The round modern chandelier is loosely draped with a light tube that complements the freeform nature of the bathtub. A small sofa sits opposite the tub, positioned against a deeply fluted wall treatment. Lilac accent cushions complement the coloured light that glows from the shower area.

More luxe white marble forms a double sink bathroom vanity unit with a matching set of storage drawers underneath. A pair of racetrack-shaped bathroom mirrors are installed in front of the window, tension-fixed between the countertop and the marble clad window reveal.

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