Aaah…the peacock, such a majestic creature, the king of the bird kingdom with the most impressive feathers. Its exquisite coloring has inspired numerous designers from various fields of activity. Today we’ll have a look at a few interior decors with peacock-inspired focal points. There are many ways in which such a look can be achieved using decorative elements such as paintings, sculptures, curtains, pillows, carpets and all sorts of other accessories.

Capture the majestic beauty of the peacock on a painting and display it on one of the living room walls. This can be the room’s focal point. You can reiterate the beautiful blue and green nuances in the decor in the form of elements such as area rugs, furniture upholstery or lighting fixtures.

A peacock painting or photo can also brighten up spaces like the kitchen or the dining area. You can see such a decor here where the wall decor coordinates nicely with the greenery just outside the window.

Symmetry evokes a sense of familiarity and comfort which in the context of a dining room can be very desirable. There’s the table perfectly centered on the rug, matching chairs on either side, two armchairs at the ends and two framed peacock paintings aligned with the light fixtures.

The stunning peacock also made its way into the decor of this victorian bedroom. All the pastels and chic and feminine details give the room a very stylish, bright and cheerful look. This example can serve as an inspiration source for a beautiful peacock mural.{found on wandrdesign}.

Even a less colorful image of the peacock can add character to a space, like these unusual metal door handles. In fact, the hardware plays a very important role in the design of any furniture piece. Consider this an opportunity to pick something special.

The mesmerizing pattern and coloring of the peacock’s tail was also the source of inspiration for this carved candle which you can use as a decorative object in a variety of different decors and settings. It features layers of yellow, green and black and each piece is handmade and unique. You can buy it on Amazon.

It’s hard to say which function prevails in this case: that of lamp or that or sculpture. The design is an intricate combination between the two, using as a source of inspiration the graceful silhouette of the peacock and its colorful tail. The lamp is hand-cast using stone and resin. Available on Amazon.

Speaking of sculptures, check out this amazing table. It’s an amazing piece of decorative furniture and something you can display indoors but also outside, in the garden or as an accessory for a beautiful gazebo or porch. The peacock’s graceful silhouette and eye-catching coloring make this table stand out in the most wonderful way. Available on Amazon.

Of course, you can also add a little bit of peacock-inspired beauty to your home using small accessories and accent pieces, like this stylish bowl for example. It has a sculptural design, very elegant and very artistic. You can find out more about it on Amazon.

The shower curtain is an important element in every bathroom’s decor and it’s a real shame not to take advantage of it by picking a design or a print that you find beautiful or suitable for the ambiance you’re trying to create. That being said, check out this bold peacock design. It’s definitely not mainstream and that makes it pretty fun and special. Available on Amazon.

Another idea is to introduce color or graphical patterns to a space through things like pillows or bedding which can be regularly replaced in which case the decor never gets boring. For the bedroom, we recommend these elegant peacock-inspired duvet covers and pillowcases which you can find on Amazon. They’re just what the space needs to look exquisite.

You can always count on cushions as a source of color, pattern or texture for pretty much any space. These stylish covers feature a vintage design adorned with peacock patterns. They’re not only eye-catching but also capable of adding character to an elegant living room or a chic bedroom. Available on Amazon.

Although the pattern in this case is a bit more abstract, the motif is still very clear. Consider these covers if you’d like to add a bit of blue to a space while also introducing an elegant pattern. The peacock feathers may not have their usual and original coloring but they don’t cease to be mesmerizing. Available on Amazon.

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