Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 5Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 5

Style, Play, Every Day, folks. I switched some things in my living room because well, it sounded like a fun thing to do on a Tuesday afternoon. Was I unhappy with my living room before? Hmm. “Unhappy” isn’t the right word but no, it wasn’t there yet and that’s okay. It just felt a bit boring and serious so when Sheba, who owns Blue Parakeet Rugs said I could try out this rug and see if it worked, I took her up on it.

But let’s back up first and refresh your memories of where my living room has been so you can understand where it’s going (or is now). When we first designed the house, it looked like this:

Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: Our Modern English Tudor Living Room

While I love it in photos, it was too chaotic to live with and didn’t feel as “me” as I wanted it to. I kept thinking, why can’t I find the blue/green version of this rug?? Turns out they are VERY hard to find. So, I sold the rug and got something neutral:

Photo by Ryan Liebe | From: Our Updated Living Room

But that room didn’t have enough edge. Between the traditional sofa and the chaise lounge and the solid rug, it just didn’t pop. I missed the vintage rug. The chaise and trunk were vintage but everything else wasn’t and it needed some soul. Also, my cats all but destroyed this rug and it was painfully snagged. I would “trim” it (which I called mowing the rug) by getting on my hands and knees and clipping it. I’m bringing it up to the mountain house if I don’t put it back in here (now that our cat situation has changed).

So I was back on the hunt for a vintage rug. I texted Sheba Khodadad from Blue Parakeet to see if she had anything and she sent me photos of this one with a “want me to bring it over to you right now and you can live with it for a bit?” offer. To be clear, this isn’t a normal part of her service. She knew that even if I didn’t keep it, I would post about it and someone would likely buy it.

Look how excited I was:

Rug Process

At first, we tried it with the navy blue sofa but the sofa was a bit big for the rug, though that could be because I was used to a MUCH larger rug.  Sometimes your past skews your perception of the present. Then I remembered that we had our former TV room sofa down in Brian’s office (which you haven’t seen yet and maybe never will), so we grabbed it and brought it up and put our navy sofa in the garage.

But first we tried both sofas, because why not?

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 16Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 17

It was A LOT of seating. So we stored the navy sofa in the garage. Hilariously, the garage doors then broke so while we can get in/out through a small doorway, we can’t even get that sofa out right now to bring it back into the room. In the below pic, you can see how the smaller rug did feel a bit small with the massive sofa.

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 18

As of right now, we are playing with this one and I have mixed feelings about it.

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 1

Yes, everything WORKS, but it’s still not right. I love the rug but not with the sofa.  I like the sofa, but somehow the color of it competes with the rug. I don’t know how to explain it but I keep thinking that if the sofa were a cream and more modern, it would let the rug pop, but the two of them feel too heavy together. Yes, that’s the word, just too heavy.

I love this side of the room more, though and I think it’s because the chairs are more modern and yes, lighter in color so the busier rug is the star.

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 2Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 3Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 4

Now, the one benefit of this sofa is that it’s a better scale for the coffee table than the other sofa was. I think I just designed that other sofa to be too big—mostly too high to be in front of my pretty windows and if I could just take the back down 10 inches, I’d love it so much more. WHOOPS.

So this sofa, with the table, with the chairs are just generally a WAY better scale with each other, but are they all too small for the room? MAYBE.

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 6

But boy is it fun and honestly, I love this rug and I’m going to bring it up to the mountain house to see if I can make it work in the master bedroom with a pretty white headboard before I give up on it. But if you are interested in it, let Sheba know so if/when I return it, she can sell it (you can send her a message via her website here).

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 7

Before we leave this post, I think we’d all be curious if an ivory linen or more neutral tone sofa would be better here? Well here you go:

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall White Couch

Of course, if the sofa were a light linen, then I’d have to switch out my chairs for something darker, my pillows for some that popped more and my children for something/persons less disgusting. Although TBH, we have a linen sectional at the mountain house (this one from Article) and it’s been fine because we don’t let them eat on it because we have a separate “family” room. If this weren’t also our TV/family room in addition to our living room, it might be fine. But I don’t think this sofa could withstand our Saturday morning sofa egg burritos in front of cartoons.

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 12

All in all, I like it, I really do, but no, it’s not there yet. And maybe it never will be, and that’s okay because this is FUN.

Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 8   Emily Henderson Waverly Living Room 2018 Fall Update 11

But obviously a “I switched things around” post would be pointless without asking you guys what you think?

Here’s what I think: I think it needs to look cooler. Either the rug or the sofa should change. I think I want a neutral rug, possibly even this rug,  or this rug, and I want someone to give me this sofa for my 40th birthday and maybe someone else can accidentally leave these chairs  on my front stoop, although maybe they are too chunky…

Would you guys want me to pull together a “dream living room” mood board of things I likely will never buy because of cost/kids? I have one started but literally everything on it is like $7k each, but it helps me figure out what I like and why and then I can either try to find something similar or hunt for it a the flea market.

Back to the current living room. Thoughts? Opinions? Should I hoard the rug because authentic Persian antique rugs in blues/greens never come available? It’s not really the vibe of the mountain house but that vibe is changing every day so maybe it is…

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