Experience Southeast Asia: Ha Long Bay

Experience Southeast Asia: Ha Long Bay

It seems like we’ll never run out of things to love about Southeast Asia! Today, we’re exploring Ha Long Bay. This incredibly beautiful area, located in Northwest Vietnam, is one of the region’s most popular tourist destinations. Care to find out why? We’re happy to tell you! But be warned: once you’ve seen the jaw-dropping islets and sparkling waters of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’re going to want to be on the next flight out.

Not one to just sit back and enjoy the view? Good, because the best way to explore Ha Long Bay is to get up close and personal with it. Enjoy a scenic kayak ride around the islets and feel the cool limestone for yourself. Or you can always hop on board a junk-boat for a more relaxed, but still in-depth, tour of the bay.

One of the most unique and beautiful parts of Ha Long Bay is its small collection of “floating villages.” Home to about 1700 people, these villages are a collection of boats docked in a group, allowing residents to be near their source of income; fishing. Cruise by these villages, or say hello to the locals! These floating villages are a unique and important part of Vietnam’s culture.

Still haven’t gotten your sea legs? Parts of the bay can be explored on foot! Wander through ancient, intricate caves, and marvel at the way they’ve been shaped by the water for centuries. Ha Long Bay is truly spectacular, and not to be missed!

If you’re ready to see Ha Long Bay for yourself, maybe it’s time to start planning your tour through Vietnam? Check out our interview with Haing from G Adventures, or investigate what TourRadar has to offer travellers like you, eager to explore Ha Long Bay.

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