Experience Southeast Asia: Cycling Tour Through Hoi An

Think there’s only one way to experience the food, culture, history, and beauty of Southeast Asia? Think again. In this video, we’re showing you how much of this incredible region you can see on a cycling tour! Follow along on a cycling tour of Hoi An, Vietnam, and see for yourself how rewarding these tours can be. If exercise, hidden gems, and in-depth exploration are your thing, then today’s your lucky day.

While Hoi An isn’t the busy port town it used to be, the area is still active, beautiful, and practically begging to be explored on bike. There’s a new story around every corner in the city, from unique and ever-changing architecture to ancient and recent history to food you won’t find anywhere else.

Of course, when you’re visiting a town on Vietnam’s central coast, you won’t want to spend the entire tour on land! After you’ve seen everything on the streets of Hoi An (or at least tried to!), hit the water in an iconic basket boat. You’ve fuelled up by eating all the Vietnamese food you can, right?

If you thought Hoi An was incredible during the day, just wait until you see it after dark. No tour would be complete without a sunset cruise!

Are you jealous of all the lucky travellers on this cycling tour yet? We thought so! If you can’t stand the jealousy anymore, head over to TourRadar and see if you can find an incredible adventure of your very own.

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